One of the most iconic, recognisable design trends… We take you through its background, influences and most importantly, how to get the look.

Art deco in interior styling is all about making a bold statement, as with architecture. Bold, geometric shapes and patterns with hard angles and a clear symmetry are a signature of the design movement.

Art Deco first appeared in the 1920s and was a popular influence for around a decade throughout The Americas and Europe. Art Deco materialised into all the decorative arts, considered very glamorous, elegant, functional, and modern. The style became popular within interior decorating making its influence felt in architecture, fashion, and even car design.

Certain materials repeatedly occur in art deco interior design. The use of metallic throughout the design movement was also a staple of the design. Metallic accents featured to emulate the lifestyles of the glamourous rich and famous, who were originally the only people who could access the art deco designs. As the movement gained popularity it became a recognisable feature. Expensive materials such as ebony, marble and rare woods instead reserved for Art Deco pieces accessible only to the wealthy. The contrast between mixed metals and lacquered wood.

Today the trend is experiencing a resurgence with designers incorporating geometric lines and monochromatic palettes into their schemes. We show you how to get the look below.

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