KOKET Hall 7 — Stand I145

Always exciting, Koket are playing their cards close to their chest this year but are launching some new items building on their rapid 2014 success. We’ve also been told their products will be starring in the new Fifty Shades of Grey Film!

Koket Covet Lounge Maison Objet

BOCA DO LOBO Hall 5B — Stand N15 / O16

They have had a brilliant start to the year. They’re celebrating their 10 year anniversary at Maison & Objet. If their IMM Cologne stand is anything to go by (photo below), their stand at Maison is definitely worth a visit. We love how the limited editions and maximum creativity blend with their sister companies more easy-going pieces to create a design led buzz.

Boca Do Lobo at Maison Objet

CRAVT ORIGINAL Hall 1 — Stand F12 / G11

Judging by the brand relaunch at Maison Objet 2014, we are more than sure their large stand will be overflowing with beauty and indulgence. They show their unique respect of nature’s precious materials by handcrafting the sources into precious and timeless furniture. They are an unusual brand creating, not following, trends;


EICHHOLTZ Hall 4 — Stand F18 / G17

The dutch super brand Eichholtz always pay large importance to Maison Objet and take one of (if not ‘the’) largest of floor spaces to showcase a number of inspiring homewares flowing and harmonising to truly awe inspiring effect. Definitely one to stop by for the complete interiors picture;

Eichholtz at Maison Objet

Munna Hall 5B — Stand K9 / L10

Ginger and Jagger Hall 5B — Stand K9 / L10

Fresh from an award-winning 2014, Portugese design houses Munna and Ginger and Jagger are introducing some exciting new products at Maison and so are a must-see as well as the designers;

Ginger and Jagger Amber Table Lamp
Munna Chantal Armchair
Munna Ferdinand Sofa
Munna Ferdinand Sofa

JNL + Luz Interiors by JNL Hall 7 — Stand H20

JNL create items of supreme quality with beautiful lines. Their stands always have sophisticated ‘wow factor’, keeping a simple moody backdrop setting to allow their stunning pieces to pull you in with their elegance.
JNL at Maison Objet 2015

OCHRE Hall 7 — Stand E132

One of our top brands are the UK based OCHRE who use local expert craftsmen and materials to create their beautiful lighting and furniture. We’ve used them on numerous projects.
Ochre at Maison Objet

DELIGHTFULL Hall 8 — Stand D38

We love how fun Delighfull’s stands always are and we’re sure that this will be no exception! They have some truly innovative lights, such as the Botte;

Delightfull Maison Objet

ANDREW MARTIN Hall 4 — Stand A14 / B13

Andrew Martin’s stands always cause a buzz with Martin Waller’s ecletic sense of travel, fun comfort and luxury. Their stand always draws admirers whether it’s a reproduction toy aeroplane or an ethnic new fabric print collection… always worth stopping by. For a taster, here is their quirky stand at IFFS;

VILLIERS Hall 7 — Stand I163

The quality of UK company Villiers’ craftmanship has to be seen and touched to be understood. They will be showcasing without the awe inspiring Mammoth Console table and mirror this year however… as these wonderful pieces are resident in our showroom in Cheshire! Come over to experience and understand true quality master pieces at first hand.

Villiers at Maison

That’s actually more than ten as there is so much to see, it’s going to be a great show! For more information about any of the brands or products shown here or for help with recommendations, please contact us 01565 621620 sales@uber-interiors.com

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