The Latest Brand at UBER Interiors: Uttermost

At UBER Interiors, we are always looking for innovative and creative interior brands. We pride ourselves on our expertise and eye for the outstanding. This is why we have been operating since 2009, sharing our design prowess and stunning furniture, lighting, and accessories collections. We’re thrilled to have a new brand to share with you. 

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About Uttermost

We’re incredibly excited to have Uttermost join the fabulous selection of brands we offer at UBER Interiors. 

Founded in 1975 by husband and wife Belle and Bob Cooper, Uttermost remains under family direction. A vast team of experienced designers populate the company’s many facilities across Virginia, California, Asia, and Europe. 

Uttermost only sells its incredible products through reputable and experienced retailers, so we’re proud to join the list of approved suppliers. 

Uttermost Kettledrum Console Table 

Top picks from Uttermost at UBER Interiors

First impressions are important, so allow us to show you some of our favourite picks from Uttermost at UBER Interiors. 

Uttermost lighting

Uttermost has a truly stunning range of lighting. Striking in its simplicity and ability to elevate any space with ease. This quality is especially evident in the range of wall lights by Uttermost. With sleek styles and unique shapes that can effortlessly fit into any interior, there is something for every preference. 

The Alabaster Radiance Wall Light is constructed from seven discs of natural alabaster, which adorn a rich brass base. It’s a stunning addition to any interior. This Uttermost offering emits a gentle, atmospheric glow that creates a perfectly cosy ambience. Adding the accompanying Alabaster Radiance Pendant for larger spaces helps create a luxurious coordinating lighting scheme. 

Uttermost also offers a sleek selection of floor lamps. Perfect for adding targeted illumination to dull corners, the collection of Uttermost floor lamps at UBER Interiors offers style and quality in equal measure. 

The Uttermost Pivot Floor Lamp epitomises premium furniture with its elegant marble base and pivoting brass-finished arm. The clever design of this lamp means it can pivot 270 degrees, offering dimmable lighting to whichever point of your space needs it. This lamp is perfect for creating a cosy reading area, gently illuminating a dining room, or bringing a warm glow to your living space. 

Uttermost mirrors

A mirror is a common choice of accessory. It has a natural elegance and can make any space look and feel bigger and more open. 

Adding the Uttermost Harland Mirror to your home will instantly make a statement. This handcrafted mirror works beautifully all around the home, perfect for an open-plan living space or dressing room. The slim brass plated frame offers modern simplicity and a subtle warmth to any interior style, complementing modern and vintage themes. 

Coffee tables by Uttermost

A coffee table is a staple furniture piece in any home. Often indicating a place to gather, relax and connect in the heart of the house. The coffee tables by Uttermost at UBER Interiors offer the perfect mix of practicality and style. 

A statement piece guaranteed to draw people in, the Big Sur Coffee Table by Uttermost brings the beauty of the outside world into your home. This striking coffee table is crafted using cast iron modelled after real driftwood. With a magnificent glass top, this piece is versatile, eye-catching, and perfect for various interior styles. 

More understated but just as impressive is the Teak Tac Toe Coffee Table by Uttermost. This beautifully crafted piece is formed from natural teak in a rich, warm caramel tone. Perfect for a huge range of interior styles, from a chic country manor to contemporary homes. The versatile shade of this coffee table means it pairs beautifully with neutral hues, gold-toned detailing, and natural themes. 

Discover Uttermost at UBER Interiors

We’re thrilled to bring you an extensive collection of furniture and accessories from Uttermost. Along with lighting, mirrors, and coffee tables, you can explore stunning wall art ranges, ornaments & sculptures, and vases & bowls from Uttermost at UBER Interiors. 


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