Terzani and Munna were proven to be a complete success at this years International Design and Architecture Awards 2014, both winning in their nominated product categories.

Designer Diego Bassetti and architect Andrea Panzieri of Studio 14, showcased their LED suspended light designed for Terzani: the Volver.

The ‘breath of new light’ combines the latest LED technology with nickel chains and geometric design, to create fluid sophistication and elegance. The chandelier effortlessly creates a luxurious extravagance, whilst still holding modern flair.

Munna flaunted the seductive Hughes Sofa, noticed for capturing the smooth lines of the body with its intriguingly formed, non-symmetrical back. Hughes vintage looking aesthetic is comprised of quality woods and metals, which ooze extravagance and distinctiveness.

With alluring, rich materials and floating elements inspired by the Nenuphar plant, the Munna’s sister company Ginger and Jagger’s Nenuphar coffee table also made it to the shortlist for an ID&A best table award.

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