We talk to Wingfield Digby founder, Alice Wingfield Digby.

A love of nature led Alice Wingfield Digby to form Wingfield Digby in 2010. The company present luxury home accessories and gifts inspired by the great British countryside, with feathers incorporated into their designs. In our interview, company founder Alice Wingfield Digby shares her likes and insights into this beautiful family business.

The statement of WD is incorporating feathers into your designs, where did this inspiration come from?

Growing up in the countryside, I saw countless beautiful feathers being discarded. I felt it was such a waste of a beautiful resource – and one that was simply being overlooked. I have always been mesmerised by the iridescent quality of feathers, so set out to find a way to encapsulate them in luxury products that would last a lifetime.

Who is the WD man/woman? What is their lifestyle and tastes?

To be honest, the products appeal to so many different people and the feathers lend themselves to a vast array of different decors. Generally, our customers love the countryside and appreciate the modest feather being celebrated. The Duck feathers fit well in contemporary homes, Cock Pheasant into more traditional homes and the Guinea Fowl is our number one best seller. It catches eyes wherever it goes!

What is your favourite WD product and why?

That’s a tough question, my house is adorned with lots of my favourite creations! I’ll sometimes come across a particularly striking set of feather markings in a product at the office and quickly snaffle it up to become part of my collection. The beauty of the products is that each is unique as each feather is slightly different. One of my favourites is our classic Duck Photo Frame, perfect for encapsulating Christmas memories.

Your beautiful collection can be designed to style the interior, what are your five tips for styling the home and why?

Pick a colour scheme and stick with it.
Remember that a splash of contrasting colour can make a space pop.
Good lighting can transform a room.
Mirrors lighten a space and give the illusion of more space; ideal for small rooms and dark corners.
Consider textures as well as colours to give a real feeling of decadence.

What is your favourite piece of furniture from your own home and why?

My flamingo lamp by Rosanna Lonsdale, look them up – they’re exquisite.

Where do you see the business in 5 years’ time?

I have so many ideas that I have to reign it in a bit! In the near future we’re releasing a leather range incorporating the feathers into the designs, this includes a few more pieces for the ladies. I am also keen to release a range of larger interiors pieces to really make a statement, this will involve working more closely with interior designers. Aside from the products, in 5 years we hope to have more of a presence internationally and perhaps even our first flagship store in London.

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