When selecting lighting for your staircase space decide whether you want it to be dramatic, subtle or functional. Factoring in a style of lighting into your plans is important to achieve the correct desired effect. Aesthetics aside, it is important to remember the practicalities of staircase lighting. Do you have enough spatial requirements to include the ‘wow factor’ statement chandelier?

Our star of the season is the Basilica pendant light from Heathfield & Co. Subtle shimmers and brass undertones create an autumnal feature for any staircase space.

We love the ‘Bloom’ pendant chandelier from Light4. The contemporary gold leaf detailing with mesmerizing star fan design is perfect for entering the festive season.

If you have a curved, helical or even a staircase with a half landing or a gallery you can make the most of long drop light fixtures to make an impression on the space and compliment the design.

Think about suspended lighting from all angles. The staircase is not just the centre point of the house, it connects all household areas. Automatically your eye focuses on this space and lighting should be visually pleasing from all approaches.


As a general rule, subtle and simple is always the more elegant solution. Allow glass silhouettes to achieve effective illumination.


Coloured lighting is a wonderful way to inject personality into a space. Adding this feature brings an element of fun to the environment.


For a dramatic focal point that extends the length of the hallway we recommend a showstopping centerpiece. Italian lighting brand Terzani are the masterminds at creating handcrafted, unusual designs.

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