Here in the UK we’re seriously ready for a bit sun please. We are starting to get those tantalising teasers of odd days pushing up to near 20 degrees, and with the new crop of budding flowers it has us turning our attention to the garden furniture: will my trusty old set make it through one last season or is it time to invest in some serious weather-beating top trends of quality? Wonder if we can tempt you…

With each passing year we are ever more impressed with how the advances of the world leaders in outdoor furniture are creating not only stunning designs but are coming up with incredible fabric technologies to not only fend off the harshest of foul weather for years to come, but offer extremely comfortable and softer than ever before seating experiences. With this in mind we turn to the pinnacle of UK manufacturers, Gloster who are setting trends coupled with surpassed quality of materials and construction.

Gloster Grid set UBER

The new modular Grid collection by ultimate outdoor brand Gloster does more than make personalising outdoor space easy and creatively satisfying.  It’s a celebration of the warmth and fabulous feel of the best quality sustainable teak and other beautiful materials that have made Gloster’s name.

Part of what makes Gloster more than a step ahead of the competition is the research and development. This cutaway of a chair  with cushions shows the latest construction technology to allow water to drain quickly and efficiently so that it drys super fast and yet give maximum comfort.


grid set #1



The collection is the inspiration of Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, who conceived Grid so that its sofa can be configured in multiple ways, even directions.




grid set #7


Most importantly, it also opens up almost limitless aesthetic possibilities by enabling its soft casual upholstery, and the wooden grids and stone plates of its smart tables and platforms, to be combined  in dynamically different  ways.


grid set #11

Grid’s clean graphic lines and flexible modular elements complement its softer side beautifully to create a cosy lounge atmosphere driven by a uniquely contemporary look.

The Grid by Gloster at UBER

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