Take a magical journey through Porta Romana’s Enchanted Forest, their beautiful new collection which is perfectly presented in a lush and natural environment.

Designer Tord Boontje uses natural themes such as Ivy, the texture of bark and tree roots which is brought to life with Porta Romana’s artistry and mastery of their materials.

Featuring beautiful new table lamps, chandeliers and wall lights alongside furniture pieces such as mirrors, side tables, console tables and dining chairs, we’ve detailed a small selection here. Please contact us for pricing, information or samples for any Porta Romana product.

Each Big Bang Pendant is completely unique due to the process of freezing Mica the moment the glass hardens to create this beautiful pendant lamp. Porta Romana use a diluted Olive mix in this process to create a subtle antique effect – a magical light.

The elegant Grace is produced in nine beautiful finishes – Storm, Moss and Acid yellow are pictured here.

Celebrating traditional British craftsmanship, the Triwood chairs take inspiration from the classic Windsor. Highly decorative with their Herringbone or Twig styles, they have a strong design element with their triangular seat and three rather than four legs. A perfect talking piece for any room.

Absolutely spectacular wall light with a natural ivy motif designed by Tord Boontje’s. A tumbling curtain of leaves in a choice of finishes fall delicately, reflecting the light in a poetic manner. Finishes available are Forest White, Forest Gold and Forest Silver.

Eccentric and playful mirror ringed with many metal mushrooms which are handcrafted by Porta Romana. A marvelous piece with the feeling of a traditional 1950’s French Mirror. New finish;Verdigris Rust brings the mushrooms to life, also available in Mayan gold.

Super sleek and simply formed, the Hourglass table is playful and reminiscent of a board game playing pieces! With a glossy finish on the base and glass top, it’s timeless and would fit any interior. Available in Piano White and Piano Black.

Perfect for halls or stairwells, the Oberon pendant light has ten metal arms which hold two different sizes of mesh fascia. The industrial metal mesh material is softened with a soft antiqued gold or silver finish. Light is beautifully diffused through the mesh creating a soft effect.

The Willow (top) has a soft, curved arm in a beautiful arc which is completed with a new shape conical shade. Reminiscent of a French street light but brought into the 21st century. Versatile yet timeless, the Willow Wall Light is available in Bronzed, French Brass and Burnt Silver.

A very cute table lamp with a spiky base (hence the name) created in glass and completed with a metal stem, the Hedgehog is sure to become a favourite. With a vintage feel, this little lamp is perfect for a bedside table, providing fun and interest wherever it’s used.

The vision of Tord Boontje’s was to recreate the incredible shapes and shadows of sunlight shining through a tree canopy. To achieve this, he designed lengths of ivy twisting through a fluid central frame, all suspended to the sky by a fluted stem. New finish “Forest White” adds romanticism and an incredible lightness to what can only be described as a naturalistic sculpture. A future icon which is also available in Forest Gold and Forest Silver.

Using inspiration From Porta Romana’s Riviera Mirror, the Amalfi uses the same classic styling but with the addition of a generous cut bevel and drawn antiqued glass. The glass, created using the same restorative techniques used for 17th and 18th century pieces, is unique to each mirror as every piece is hand silvered and acid spotted. This means that each piece is unique and has an authentic sense of age.

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