The annual London festival, Focus, is known as a mecca for design. Based in London’s Chelsea Harbour where many of our brands already showcase their products, it’s the natural forum for many exciting product launches.


Porta Romana’s beautiful new Elemental Collection comprises of table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights, along with console tables and mirrors to complete the look. Inspired by Patterns and forms taken from the natural world, it combines rigid structural patterns such as honeycomb and spiders web with organic textures and shapes from flowing water, molten lava, stones and wood.


Colours are distinctly rich and autumnal, with cool blues of water mixing with earthy rust reds. Add in new velvet and bold print fabrics for shades and you have a luxurious yet rustic collection.


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Meteor and Tesselate

Small and Large Meteor Lamps in warm burnt toffee, with velvet shades sitting on the Tesselate Scorched Oak Console which uses Interlocking diamond shapes placed at different projections to create an intriguing optical illusion. Covered with a textured, richly toned finish, saw marks are kept in the wood to increase the level of tactile deliciousness that the Tesselate naturally permeates. Finished off with handsome bronze handles, this piece is a fantastic combination of geometric artistry and master-craftsmanship.


A pure, simple yet striking piece. Smooth, turned ash geometric shapes are stacked in a random and irregular way creating a lampbase which adds an almost ‘Skandi’ cool to a scheme. Its pale, washed, look is Elemental at its core, in terms of material and shape. Hand turned in solid ash, sanded and waxed to a matte finish, this is honest British craftsmanship at its best. We’ve paired it with a shade in Porta Romana’s new grey Geo print which compliments the shapes of the base perfectly. Pure geometrical poetry.


Floor Lamps Static, Oblique and Hydra

The Static Floor Lamp is simple and sculpted, wearing its decorative finishes with pride. The Oblique takes a crystallised quartz shaped element, suspends it on a stem and places it on an elegant base. Crisp lines are enhanced by a two-tone finish, allowing the light to reflect playfully and show up this lamp’s best features.

Phoenix Chandelier

Phoenix takes the simple shape of a hexagon as the basis for its exquisite design, born from fire and ash. Multiplied, twisted, turned and built up on branches, the shape is Jurassic in character and unapologetic in its form, the colour palette is flame orange and red of rust-toned steel and copper. The addition of nickel plates makes way for stunning reflections of light and finishes off this tri-colour marvel to perfection.

Orb Pendants and Miro Dining Table

Resembling drops of crystallised morning dew, these orbs of bubbled glass come in three sizes, meaning they can be used in numerous combinations or indeed, as an individual. Each handmade piece is created by using a sleeve of clear blown glass which is then dipped in a solution encouraging bubbles to form, another layer of clear molten glass is applied which encapsulates the bubbles and gives the pieces their high lustre feel.

Ivy Shadow Mirror and Sunny Forest Console

Tord Boontje designed a range of products for the Enchanted Forest range, and continues with the charming and magical Sunny Forest Console Table. with a willowy construction, it’s finished in Porta Romana’s Blackened Wood and topped with a Faux Bronze top.

Tribe Mirror and Hive Console


Inspired by an ethnic woodcarving, a triangle and pyramid pattern is painstakingly re-produced on the Tribe Mirror – details which have to be seen up close to be fully appreciated, the markings of this beautiful frame are covered with new Porta Romana finish, Relic Bronze. A piece of history for any modern interior.


Zulu Lamp

Stunning table lamp introduced in Autumn 2015 as part of Porta Romana’s Elemental collection.


Geode Wall Light

Defined by clean linear angles and named for its likeness to the formations found in volcanic rocks, the design is reminiscent of modernist architecture, evoking a skyscraper in a city scape. Three geometric, open facets let light escape.


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