Bohemian glass from Czech is renowned for it’s unique quality. Used in great palaces throughout history, it’s a staple of Czech history,
Lasvit were formed in 2007 and have been creating stunning bespoke light sculptures and installations from hand-blown, top quality glass ever since. Through collaborations with world respected artists and designers such as Nendo, they’ve placed themselves as an innovative forerunner in the lighting world.
Lasvit are also determined to help their community, with a portion of their profits going to the Lasvit foundation, established in 2012. Helping with educational and social projects.
We have a small selection of Lasvit lighting online but can provide pricing on any piece.

A brief introduction to some of their collections;

Design Lighting – Neverending Glory
An absolutely wonderful concept, this collection takes the iconic silhouettes of famous chandeliers and immortalises them in glass. Taking inspiration from the grand theatres and opera houses of the world such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York, they’re available in three colour finishes.


Design Lighting – Crystal Rock
Providing bright light in the fabric and wallpaper section of our Cheshire showroom, the Crystal Rock pendants provide dynamic and flexible lighting. Designed by Arik Levy and available in several colours (or a combination), light filters through beautiful rough glass ‘rocks’, showcasing the purity of the material.



Design Lighting – Moulds
A collection of suspended lights showcasing remarkable Czech crystal, the Moulds range creates a contrast between the free form of the glass ‘bubble’ created using traditional glass blowing techniques with the beech block form of the housing. LED lights are set directly inside, suggestive of the heat of the glass maker’s kiln.

Lighting Sculptures – Droplets
Capturing the moment when water begins to form into a drop, the Droplets series shows us our facination with water and the beauties of nature. Playing with air and motion, Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus have designed a fascinating and versatile range.

Limited Editions – Patchwork
Designed by Nendo, this remarkable range of vases and light shades use different techniques from the classic to sheet glass production to create ‘patchwork’ sections of glass which are then reattached, bringing a modern design edge to the traditional. Available as limited editions.

Please contact us to talk to our friendly team and receive information and unbeatable pricing on any Lasvit item.

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