Wingfield Digby were born out of a passion for the British countryside in 2012. Their quintessentially British products noticeably incorporate the use of feathers. Founder, Alice Wingfield-Digby, grew up in the countryside of Britain regularly attending game meets. She initially realised the number of surplus beautiful feathers from attending these events. Having recognised the intricate beauty of the feathers, she set about founding a business that would appreciate their delicacy and natural design features. As such, Wingfield Digby was born.

Fast-forward five years later, the popularity of this successful family owned business has rapidly developed to become a well-loved British brand. All products are available in an array of handpicked feathers combined into photo frames, placemats and even wine coasters. All feathers are hand inlaid ensuring that each Wingfield Digby product is completely individual. The eclectic array of feathers incorporated ranges from soft and dreamy white goose to vibrant, iridescent green pheasant. Within the collection there are options for all schemes, suitable for contemporary modern homes as well as traditional country interiors.

UBER Interiors are proud to partner with Wingfield Digby stock a range of products.

Pick the perfect present idea for the holiday season;

Duck Feather Photo Frame (Large)

Duck Feather Photo Frame (Small)

Guinea Fowl Feather Photo Frame (Large)

Guinea Fowl Feather Photo Frame (Small) 

Goose Feather Photo Frame (Large)

Goose Feather Photo Frame (Small)

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