Maison & Objet 2014 Autumn furniture finds – UBER Lifestyle magazine

 Update 21/01/15 – read our top 10 stands to see at Maison 2015 here!

Corresponding with our report on Maison & Objet Autumn 2014 in our highly regarded and produced magazine UBER Lifestyle issue 11, we bring you the round up of our discoveries:


Maison and Objet are renowned for collecting talented designers and brands from around the world, to provide an interior design event full of the latest interiors design trends and furniture pieces in the industry.  With this in mind it is no surprise that Eichholtz proudly presented pieces from their collection.The striking Eichholtz room sets created a large amount of excitement at the Parisienne event. Amongst the boldly coloured geometric carpets and foliage inspired wallpapers and prints, the glossy exterior of Eichholtz tables, lighting and accessory pieces created an atmosphere of unquestionable glamour and prestige. Pieces such as the Smythson and Huntington Coffee table took centre stage, occupied by hurricane dacha candle holders and glistening accessories. The popping patterned cushions added another dimension to the simplistic and contemporary sofa designs.

Cravt Original

Previously known as Dk Home, Cravt Original presented furniture and accessory designs made for happiness. The collection showcased the companies passion for traditional processes, fine craftsmanship and modern manufacturing. With organic looking and authentic materials Cravt immersed viewers into an environment of natural beauty, with precious stone tables and crystallised bowls. The geometric and textured surfaces that Cravt Original feature through out their collection and stands, showcased a perfect way of introducing visually engaging elements into you simplistic interior.

Baobab pearls

The belgian brand Baobab Collection recently unveiled their new collection of candles, with captivating and beautifully comprised scents. Unique aromas passed through the crowds at this years Maison and Objet interior event, enticing passers by to their stand. The renowned candle creators offer fragrances inspired by Arifcan culture to Chinese landscapes. Now the jungle and sweet satisfactions inspire the brand, with the release of Delices Candle and Jungle Safari Candle Collections.


Luxury furniture brand JNL chose a palette of bold and retro coloured fabrics to contrast with the dark an sleek finishes of the wooden furniture pieces. The sprinkles of gold embedded with the grains of the wood sparkled, as the warm light of the Los Angeles pendant light effortlessly reflected off the surfaces. The curvaceous shaping of the displays dining chairs, created perfect forms and lines that paired perfectly with the large lacquered, oval dining table.

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