Layering lighting to take three key areas into account creates a balance in the home environment. Firstly, ambient light; the general or natural light in the room. Secondly as a task light, a practical light needed for activities or finally as an accent light which draws attention to a key feature in the room.

The key to achieving this balanced lighting scene is to avoid relying on a single overhead source, instead spreading the light around using certain lamps. This allows you to create different moods depending on the setting or time of the day.

We look at some of the statement lighting available from UBER Interiors, their striking features and versatile qualities.

Heathfield & Co

Iconic British lighting brand Heathfield & Co are synonymous with the world of luxury lighting. Manufacturers of the finest quality lamps, their statement pieces are a way of incorporating creative lighting options to transform your interior spaces. The handblown detailing on the Freddi floor lamp adds a dramatic effect to any living room or hallway.


Beauty and elegance came together with glass lighting company Lasvit are renowned for transforming glass into breath-taking light and design experiences. Established by Leon Jakimič in 2007, Lasvit have created bespoke lighting sculptures for some of the best hotels. With the handblown Neverending Glory range seen here, Lasvit have created a nostalgic range that interprets opulent candle chandeliers. Individual silhouettes pay homage to iconic chandeliers from the world’s most prominent concert halls and theatres; La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, as well as the Czech Republic’s Estates Theatre in Prague.


Established Italian lighting brand Terzani, are home to some of the most talented Italian lighting designers who apply a multidisciplinary approach to create ranges of dramatic statement lighting features. The geometric design encapsulated in the above suspension light combines handcrafted nickel chains with leading LED technology to create a modern and elegant lighting feature. Technology and art come together to create a new level of luxury lighting.

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