Living Room Storage Ideas

The heart of the home, your living room is where family and friends gather together for a morning catch-up, cosy nights-in and even spend special occasions in front of the fire. With all of these precious moments spent making memories in your living room, don’t you want to keep it an open and clear space? 

Making the Most of your Living Room Storage Space

It is easy for your living space to get cluttered with stray books and magazines, children’s toys and soft furnishings like blankets and throws taking up your sofas and floor space. With just one simple addition or change, you can take back your living room and keep everything in its place. 

At UBER Interiors, we want to help you make the most out of your space with subtle and stylish storage solutions that will blend flawlessly with your decor and elevate your home. 

Explore our living room storage ideas guide today and transform your home back to its relaxing and clutter-free glory.

Storage Ideas for Small Living Rooms 

If your living room is on the smaller side, then you may have struggled to decide what storage options are available to you. With our storage ideas for small living rooms, you needn’t worry about toeing the lines between cosy and cluttered.

Bookcases & Shelves

Utilise the vertical space in your home with a stylish bookcase or shelving unit, no matter whether you’re looking for something simple and contemporary, or an ornate showstopper. Choose a bookshelf as wide or as narrow as you like to suit the space available in your living room and fill it with the items that make your house a home. 

Not just for books, a shelving unit in your living room can house DVDs, knick-knacks from trips, plus special memories and photographs you want to put on display. The option is yours to keep it minimal or have every shelf tells its own story.

Media Units 

A media unit will tastefully house a television and media boxes subtly in your living room without tangled wires on display. Beyond its intended purposes, you can also optimise the space available by choosing a media unit with built-in shelves or drawer space. 

Fill drawers with DVDs, console accessories or books and keep everything for entertaining all in one convenient place. If you love to be the host with the most, even consider dedicating a drawer or shelf in your media unit to board games and accessories.

Frame your television with photos and momentos to further take advantage of every inch of space. Or, for a minimal and subtle design, keep shelves stacked neatly with everything you could want close to hand.

Storage Ideas for Bigger Spaces

If you have a larger living room, you may still find yourself falling victim to unnecessary clutter taking up valuable space. However, a larger space means that you can take advantage of more storage options. 


One of the most versatile storage options, a sideboard can be filled with almost anything and its contents will be hidden out of sight by its stylish design. Choose classic styles to blend flawlessly with your decor, or why not opt for a modern piece that will get your guests talking? 

Pushed up against a wall, a sideboard offers an expansive space both inside and on top of the sideboard, so you can showcase family photographs, drink trays and record players on display. 

Inside, hide away board games, records, children’s toys and DVDs, or even store dining ware you keep for special occasions. The possibilities are endless with a spacious sideboard which is as equally a decorative piece as it is a storage solution. 

Display Cabinets 

For a way to store special mementos and ornaments, choose a modern display cabinet. Perfect for storing fine dining ware, special bottles or precious keepsakes, a display cabinet will elevate your living room for a chic look. 

Display cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles, with the most popular for a sophisticated look being a classic glass construction. If you prefer to hide away your possessions, choose a display cabinet with solid doors for more privacy and security.

Chest of Drawers 

Not just for bedrooms, a chest of drawers is the perfect solution for living rooms where a lot of extra storage space is needed. Dedicate each drawer to a different category and have the perfect organisation system for everything you need close to hand in your living room. 

At UBER Interiors, we have a wide range of chest of drawers available in a plethora of unique styles perfectly suited to the living room. Behind the sofa or pushed up against a wall, chest of drawers can replace a sideboard or cabinet for a different take on traditional living room decor. 

Bar Cabinets 

If entertaining is your forte, then choose a bar cabinet to stand in the corner or an alcove of your living room and be ready to offer guests a refreshing drink in the evening. Large enough to store bottles and glasses, a bar cabinet will elevate your home and make it a local hot-spot for your friends!

More than just decoration, a bar cabinet is a stylish storage piece that will effortlessly blend with your decor and add a new dynamic to your space. 

5 Quick & Easy Storage Tips  

If you’re still struggling for storage space and need to get a bit more inventive with how you layout your living room, read our quick and easy tips below!

  1. Add a stylish coat stand to the corner of your living room and get creative with what you choose to hang. 
  2. A vase, bowl or jar may be a stunning decoration, but also allows for subtle storage space for small keepsakes. 
  3. Explore storage accessories for more quick storage fixes, including storage and jewellery boxes which will add simple style to your home. 
  4. Choose a coffee table with hidden shelves or drawers for a smart way to take advantage of every inch of your living space. 
  5. Utilise alcoves in your living room with freestanding furniture tall shelving units work best in these areas to utilise vertical space. 

Now you have considered everything there is to optimise your storage space in your living room, it is time to have fun finding the right storage solution for your home! 

We hope that our living room storage ideas guide has helped to inspire you for what you should be looking for and what options you have to consider. Explore our full range of storage furniture and accessories available at UBER Interiors today.

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