Living Room Lighting Ideas

Lighting up your home brings life into your property, and the way you choose to do so reflects the character that you create. For many, the living room is the heart of the home where we gather together for a movie night, chat over drinks with friends or spend time with family on special occasions. With so many precious memories created in your living space, wouldn’t you want to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere? 

At UBER Interiors, we understand how a small change can affect a whole room. So, we have put together a living room lighting design guide to help you on your journey to illuminating your precious space. 

Creating Ambience 

A key part to lighting your living room is creating ambience and atmosphere in the space. This can be easily achieved with a designer ceiling light that floods every corner with light and lifts the energy inside. Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours, our collection of ceiling lights offers the perfect fitting to bring your living room together. 

Or, if you prefer more subdued lighting, why not opt for a simple lamp? We have a plethora of table and floor lamps that will add a touch of glowing warmth to your living room when you want to create a dimly lit, cosy evening.

Layer Your Lighting 

Add dimension to your living room with a simple candle or lantern that will add an extra depth of comforting warmth to your home. Adorning a fireplace, coffee table or bookshelves, little touches of light will dance around the living space with these decorative pieces.

Layering the light in your living room creates character in your home. With varying light sources, an atmosphere is created that envelopes guests in your home in warmth and comfort. You can achieve this with a subtle lamp, wall light or even a lit display cabinet that highlights the precious moments in your family’s story. 

Displaying a different form of light in each corner creates a warming layering effect that will soothe every member of the family after a busy day. 

Choose a Centrepiece 

Choosing a ceiling light for your home should be regarded as choosing a centrepiece. Like any beautiful display, a centre point to your living room should get guests talking and reflect your overall decor and theme. 

Whether you like traditional or contemporary styles, our range of stunning chandeliers offers a wide variety of styles to suit every need. Hanging lower than a traditional ceiling light, these modern chandeliers truly become part of the room and fill the living space with glittering light. 

Choose something grand that will hang with pride in your home from Masiero or keep it trendy and classic with a design from Eichholtz.

If you’re looking for something that will blend seamlessly with your living room, consider a simple ceiling light or pendant that will sit modestly on the ceiling. A pretty ceiling lamp or hanging pendant light can tie in a room together and offer the perfect amount of lighting to illuminate, without causing headaches. 

Make a Statement with Modern Wall Lighting

Bring modernity to traditional style in your home with decorative wall lamps. Ideal for lighting up the edges of your living room, these modern wall lights create the perfect amount of warmth and light in your home without being dazzling. 

A modern wall light is perfect for people who forget to turn on a lamp or blow out a candle, simply flick the switch like you would a ceiling light and bathe the living room in a soft glow. These are perfect for creating an instantly comforting atmosphere for everyone to relax in the evening. 

Keep it Simple with Contemporary Lighting 

Sometimes less is definitely more, and keeping it simple in your home is a theme in itself. If you prefer contemporary decor, why not opt for a stunning ceiling lantern? 

Traditionally, lanterns are a sign of a bright future, so choose a piece from this collection to bring brightness into both your living room and life. 

This beautiful range of ceiling lanterns introduces traditional style to contemporary shapes and structures, creating interesting architectural pieces that fill a room with light. At UBER Interiors, we have a wide selection that offers customers everything from vintage styles from Eichholtz to modern pieces from Porta Romana that offer the best lighting for living rooms. 

Illuminate Reading Corner 

A cosy nook in your living room will add instant character to your home and be a comforting corner to curl up and read a book in the evening. Illuminate your reading corner with a simple wall lamp that will add a touch of warmth. 

Or, if you’re in need of extra lighting for visibility, why not position your chair under the umbrella of a floor lamp and escape into the pages of a good book from the comfort of your cosy living room?

A glowing reading corner in your living room invites guests into the comfort of your home and will make them never want to leave! 

Use Decorative Mirrors to Magnify Light

If space is a premium in your home, there are clever tricks of light available to you that can make a room feel bigger than it is. Create more space in your living room by magnifying the light with a beautiful designer mirror from UBER Interiors. 

Allow light to dance off of the mirrors in your home and create a larger than life atmosphere. 

Available in all shapes and sizes, we have a designer mirror to suit every living room style. Keep it simple with a piece from Philipp Selva or enhance the trick even further with a cluster design from Liang & Eimil

Utilise Lamps with Reach 

Similar to if your living room is packed tightly together, there are also tricks to elevating low ceilings. Placing a tall floor lamp in a corner or a table lamp on a high shelf carries light further and gives the impression of a higher ceiling. 

Utilise lamps with reach and add dimension to your home with our handy tricks for making your living room appear larger. 

Explore our full range of designer lighting available at UBER Interiors and put some of our helpful tips into practice for the best lighting for your living room. No matter your style, preferences or requirements, we are sure we have the lighting solution to help you!

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