Delightfull have always been masters of bringing light-hearted, fun elements into their lighting designs, using such unusual design inspirations as Great jazz musicians and iconic personalities.

Their new collection, Essentials, was exhibited this month at Salone Del Mobile, Milan to a fantastic reception. Think retro chic from the 60’s, the golden age of Hollywood when the cool was Bossa Nova notes sounding from Ipanema streets and being behind the wheel of an Aston Martin. A collection born from iconic design lines with luxurious golden details – who could fail to love such a quirky new set of products.

Created by their design team and coordinated by Diogo Carvalho, this is a new venture into a whole new area for Delightfull: furniture pieces.

The Essentials Collection is the ultimate tribute to James Bond and a nod to boho chic. The aim is to be more than a selection of luxurious furniture items but bring in a new age through their iconic design shaped between shaken, not stirred martinis and tropical notes.


Fans of James Bond will certainly be dazzled by this golden eyecatching piece. This sideboard has been created with Martini and Gin bottles in mind. Made in solid walnut wood and brass with knurled details with engraved circles on the sides and back, with a ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit evoked by the three golden doors.


With a very groovy retro feel, Delightfull’s new rugs are all named for iconic directors of the 20th Century. The Coppola with it’s off centre pattern of black dashes set against a light background plays with your perceptions and creates an optical illusion of swirls.


Inspired by early racing bikes but updating the geometry and with a fixed gear, the Goldfinger embodies a taste for glamorous and exquisite pieces. Gold and black finishes give this bicycle a touch of exclusivity that will draw everyone’s eye while cruising around the city. The knurled metal grips and the charming golden hubs show no detail is overlooked on this fabulous bicycle.


A gem of a statement chair, with it’s brass base supporting a fabulously retro tub seat with two upholstered rolls forming the back support.


This handmade rug was made using an ancient technique characteristic of Portugal and passed on from older artisans. Using a hand knotted technique, the rug is shaped on an old loom making it a very special piece.


Pull the trigger with this wonderful dining table. Revolver is the fusion of cold stainless steel pipes in contrast with a warm, deep clear acrylic table top. A detailed web of pipes wind into it’s mirrored finished base, making this finely engineered structure a hallmark of excellence in metalwork. No effort was spared to achieve a sharp, high precision quality finish that hits every mark. The dramatic and powerful Revolver dining table is the perfect centerpiece for an intense plot twist.

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