Hand-crafted in Italy, the brands’ deep-rooted tradition is key to their design philosophy, bringing innovative workmanship into the 21st century.

The uniqueness of our furniture lies in the capacity to make quality and innovation parts of its life. passion for detail, high quality in terms of materials and design that makes every element one of its kind: these values materialise into products that dismiss the ordinary to create unique and versatile solutions, in the respect of a refined and unmistakable character.

Passion, creativity and refinement are at the heart of this Italian brand. Philipp Selva offers a total, luxury living concept where their distinguishable style reflects a cosmopolitan look and feel.

The brand is continuously evolving, working to meet the needs of their customers whilst maintaining their uniqueness. The new mood for 2017 promotes well-being and elegance. Philipp Selva strive to create a sophisticated style that blends pleasure and comfort with everyday living.

Tastemakers and innovators, this Italian brand are trendsetters within their field and offer a timeless product that will seamlessly fit into a modern lifestyle.
Harmonious shapes, colours and fine details; the pleasure of a space created with love and care that allows people to take a break from the frenzy of the outside world.

Philipp Selva offer a wide-variety of exclusive finishing touches. The versatile products are easily customisable to your specific requirements and preferences. Their exacting attention to detail make for a bespoke design that is unique to your taste and style.

Furniture can be hand-crafted in a range of high-quality materials such as walnut, mahogany and brass. There’s also options for details such as handles and table tops to be made in a selection of finishes such as marble, chrome and mother of pearl.

Sofas, armchairs and bed frames are available in a plethora of leathers and fabrics. The sample library boasts over one hundred choices, where the customer is sure to find the finish that is best suited to them.

Harmonious shapes, colours and fine details; the pleasure of a space created with love and care that allows people to take a break from the frenzy of the outside world.



Living Room
Sit back and relax with Philipp Selva’s range of contemporary sofas and armchairs. The signature designs blend absolute comfort and style in one package. Add a statement mirror, a curved coffee table and a geometric side table to complete the look.

Bright colours, simple shapes & personal touches create a feeling of stepping into a beautiful painting…choose your elements and put them together to create an elegant and inviting backdrop for the lives that are lived in it.

Consoles can add a further touch to any room. They can anchor an entry, be used as a server in a dining room and add glamour to a living room and elegance to a bedroom.

Dining Room
Dine in style; Selva’s elegant range of dining room furniture will suit both modern and traditional properties. The brand’s solid shapes and rich wood finishes make a striking impact in any dining space.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Work in complete relaxation and luxury. Phillip Selva excels at sophisticated living, showcasing architectural elements with modern finishes to create a look we love.

Beautiful bookcases that work in tandem with the space itself and become architecture in a room…elegant and refined with a good functionality.

Create your own sanctuary within your home with Philipp Selva’s luxury bedroom furniture. The plush, upholstered headboards and contemporary storage solutions make for a stunning master suite.

Sleeping well is the best way to forget everything for a little while.

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