How to Use the Great Outdoors to Inspire your Interior Choices

When designing your dream decor, looking to the great outdoors is a source of endless inspiration. Natural tones like green, brown and warm hues are incredibly versatile, look stunning and can improve our mental well-being. 

Re-creating the feeling of being outdoors can make our homes feel more inviting, whilst natural green spaces strengthen our connection with nature which can so often feel lost. 

If your living space feels cold and uninviting, adding some greens, browns, and natural hues could make all the difference. You don’t always need a full re-decoration to change how a space feels. Sometimes a simple change of accessories and accents can instantly lift a room! 

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Green spaces and well-being

It’s long been known that getting outdoors into nature is good for us physically and mentally. Access to green spaces has been found to improve sleep, reduce stress, encourage positive social interactions and help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Spending time in nature has also been proven to boost attention span, improve memory and promote creativity. 

Outdoor spaces also give people the opportunity to exercise. Whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling or even rollerskating – the space to be outdoors and exercise freely has a knock-on effect on mental health and boosts physical well-being. 

It’s no wonder many of us look to the great outdoors for inspiration when it has so much to offer. Bringing natural elements into your interiors, whether through earthy tones or nature-inspired shapes and designs, has the same positive impact. 

Incorporating green elements into your living space can create a relaxing, calming environment, perfect for winding down. You don’t have to commit to a full re-decoration to create a natural look in your home. Adding green accents and accessories can bring the same uplifting feeling that we experience outdoors and give your living space a new lease of life. 

Green living room accents

Bringing green accents into your living room doesn’t require a huge overhaul of your space. Small changes can be just as effective. For example, this stunning collection of palm prints from Eichholtz. Inspired by 19th-century botanical drawings, these prints combine a natural feel with contemporary framing and bold lines for an incredibly versatile living room accessory. 

For a muted injection of natural tones, Guaxs Gobi vases are a stunning choice. The soft, imperfect shaping of these vases gives them even more of a natural feel as they blend effortlessly into your existing decor. Whether you’re using them to display a beautiful bouquet or make a statement, the green hues of these vases exude opulence and calming vibes. 

Combining earthy tones with a soft, ambient glow is the perfect way to bring the outside in. The Porta Romana Blob Lamp does this perfectly, offering rich, earthy hues that inject instant elegance into any living room. It exudes warmth and charisma thanks to its unique design and makes a stylish statement in any home. 

Green accent chairs

For an injection of green that makes a statement, a green accent chair is a perfect centrepiece for your living room. 

Eichholtz offers two elegant options: The Brian Chair and the Eichholtz Aurelio Chair. 

Inspired by traditional Chesterfield silhouettes, the Brian Chair features classic deep-set buttons and curved armrests that offer exceptional comfort and style. Its beautiful emerald-green velvet echoes the stunning hues of our natural world and will catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. 

Similarly, Eichholtz’s Aurelio Chair makes a stylish statement, this time with a deep, sea-green hue that beautifully envelops the contemporary shape of this accent chair. This piece will effortlessly fit into existing green decor or stand out against a blue-themed interior that channels the beauty of the sea. Either way, this chair’s supreme comfort and beautiful tones are sure to bring peak relaxation to your living room. 

The vibrant chartreuse finish of the Rugiano Emma Armchair brings a breath of fresh air to any living space. The uplifting shade of this green accent chair instantly elevates the mood and enhances its surroundings. Perfect for standing out among more muted natural tones or sitting within a bright, bold decor. With its fashionable combination of mid-century modern styling and supreme comfort, this armchair is destined for success in any home.  

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