How to Style Shelves

Shelving is a practical way to create storage, free-up floor space and get creative to curate a beautiful space to enhance your interiors. Display precious photographs and beautiful ornaments alongside books, plants and more. 

Like all interiors, styling shelves is something of an art form. You may stand staring at your bare bookcase and not know where to begin but do not fear. We’ve styled plenty of shelves over the years and have a foolproof method for making them look amazing. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful set of perfectly balanced shelves to tie your room together.

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Eichholtz Hennessey Cabinet

Styling shelves

Step 1: 

The best way to style shelves is to start at the top shelf and work downwards. Start at one side of the shelf and work across, leaving space at either end for a polished look. Try and choose objects that vary in height. The goal is for your shelves to look curated and deliberate rather than cluttered. 

Step 2:

On your next shelf, try grouping your objects into two clusters at either end of the shelf. Choose multiple items or go for one statement piece at either end. It doesn’t really matter which as long as there is some space in-between. This is to continue with the intentional, considered look and draw the eye around the shelves. 

Step 3:

Repeat! This is a foolproof method for styling shelves regardless of your number of shelves. Take a step back to look at your shelves from different distances and angles. A fresh perspective can make all the difference.

How to style bookshelves

Bookshelves allow you to channel your personality and interests into your interiors. Intertwine your books with photographs, plants, ornaments or anything else that means something to you. 

Styling bookshelves allows you to showcase items you might not have had a place for previously. Perhaps a gift that’s gone unappreciated or a piece of artwork needing more airtime. Adding them to your bookshelf gives your home a unique touch. 

Bookshelves at UBER Interiors

We have a stunning range of bookshelves to discover. Accessories aside, the bookcase you choose is the key to making a stylish impression in your home, so finding one you love is important. 

The Sloane Bookcase by Dom Edizioni is a fantastic lower option for those who don’t have space for a full-size bookshelf. The elegant design of these shelves brings a sense of symmetry to any space, with clean lines and even proportions. 

The Sloane Bookcase has been styled with a few stacks of horizontal books, ornaments and vases, with some shelves left bare for a dimensional look. The geometric design adds flair to a space. From contemporary to retro, this bookshelf looks incredible among any interior style. 

From Laskasas, the D’Arc Bookcase is a bold, beautiful addition to any space. Whether placed in a living room, study or dining room, this piece commands attention. This unique bookcase is elevated slightly by a metallic base. It has five shelves and metal column detailing that solidifies the opulent appeal of this beautiful piece. 

Whether pairing these bookshelves with coordinating furniture pieces or letting the D’Arc Bookcase take centre stage, this really is a showstopping addition to your space. The image above shows the bookshelves styled with similar coloured book groupings alongside some gold accents to tie in with the colouring of the shelves. However, the neutral colourway means you can adorn these shelves with as much or as little colour as your heart desires. 

A more open option is the Dalmar Cabinet by Eichholtz. This set of bookshelves brings a sense of grandeur to a space without feeling too imposing. With ample space for storing and displaying books, vases, ornaments and more, this bookcase is perfect for creating a captivating central piece in any home. 

Choose similar-toned books and accessories for a seamless look, or choose colourful accessories to make a statement. The top shelf can be utilised to display taller items like vases or plants for extra dimension. The open-shelf style gives you lots of space to play with, so don’t be afraid to experiment! 

How to decorate floating shelves 

Chic and practical, floating shelves are a lifesaver when utilising every spare inch of space in your home. Fit floating shelves into alcoves or try corner shelves for a unique vibe. 

Floating shelves are a practical and stylish way to add extra storage to your home by utilising space that may be too small or unusually shaped for a bookcase or shelving unit. Use them to display ornaments, candles, vases and plants or make them work for you by using them as a storage solution. Floating shelves are often found in kitchens. To make the most of them, store tea and coffee pots on the top and fit hooks below the shelf to hang mugs. Floating shelves offer style and practicality in equal measure. 

On the lookout for new accessories to adorn your shelves with? Browse our elegant bowls and vases, luxury candles and lanterns and endearing ornaments, alongside much more, in our extensive collection of accessories at UBER Interiors.  

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