How to Style a Console Table

A console table may not be a large piece of furniture, but it can certainly impact your interiors. Versatile, slim and stylish, these tables can be placed around the home to increase storage or add intrigue to an otherwise redundant space. 

If you’re currently looking at an empty console table and wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated all our best advice for dressing console tables and making them work for your home. 

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What is a console table?

How to dress a console table 

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What is a console table?

Modern console tables are generally long and narrow pieces of furniture designed to be positioned against a flat surface like a wall. The name “console table” is thought to have come from the French word “consolidé” meaning to reinforce or strengthen. The initial design of early console tables came from 17th century France and featured supporting wall brackets, hence the meaning behind the name. 

In the 21st century, console tables are stand-alone furniture pieces, with wall brackets no longer required. Stylish and versatile, console tables can be used to spruce up various spaces. Their slender frame allows them to fit into small hallways and alcoves, providing a beautiful accent piece. 

At UBER Interiors, our collection of console tables features a stunning array of styles. Some feature drawers and some console tables are minimal in their design, whereas others make more of a statement. Whether you intend to use your console table to store essentials or want a decorative space, the range at UBER Interiors will have the right design for you. 

How to dress a console table

Before dressing your console table, consider the placement and what you want the furniture to achieve. For example, a dining room console table might need to be more practical, whereas a hallway table can be decoratively focussed. 

Create balance 

Creating a balanced look on your console table is a great way to foster a sense of calm. A symmetrical design is pleasing to the eye and draws attention away from any potential clutter. 

A good place to start is by placing identically sized pieces at either end of the console table. For example, a pair of table lamps or vases. Then, place something in the middle as your focal piece and build around these items. You can vary the heights and sizes to offer more visual interest. 

This styling method has been demonstrated on the Porta Romana Fishtail Console Table. Neat, balanced and clean, this brings a chic touch to any space. 

Opt for storage

For a console table in a hallway or entryway, giving the space a practical element is useful, especially when they can be small at the best of times. Regarding accessorising, ensure you’re smart about utilising all the space on your console table. You could add a catch-all bowl for keys and wallets or baskets underneath the table for the post. 

Less is more

Having too much displayed on your console table simply defeats the object and makes it look cluttered. Taking a “less is more” approach is key when curating these spaces. Avoid displaying too many trinkets. Reserve these for decorating shelves. Instead, pick out a few key pieces to create a visually pleasing console table. 

Anchor to the wall

We don’t mean a physical fixing to the wall like the old 17th-century console tables we mentioned earlier. We’re talking about visually anchoring your console table. One way to do this is to place a large mirror or print on the wall above your table. This creates a statement object that centres the table in place and helps it pop. Plus, a mirror will help the space feel bigger for smaller areas like hallways. 

The Dom Edizioni Andrea Console demonstrates this anchoring method. The finished look is sleek and intriguing, with a large mirror behind the table and four key items to dress. 

Utilise the space around the console table

It’s important not to neglect the space around your table (if you have any spare). Placing a tall floor lamp or house plant alongside the table brings an extra dimension to asymmetric designs. While styling your table, make sure you’re taking a step back and looking at it from various angles to ensure the table and space around it isn’t looking too bare or cluttered.  

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At UBER Interiors, we have a stunning selection of console tables perfect for elevating your home. We also have an extensive choice of accessories for dressing your table, including candles & lanterns, and ornaments. For more styling advice and news, visit the UBER Interiors blog

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