How To: Make Your Living Space Look Bigger

A small living room doesn’t have to feel cramped, and you can fill your space with every piece of furniture or decor you desire, without feeling the guilt of ‘wasting space’. You may think this sounds too good to be true, but at UBER Interiors, we have put together the ultimate guide on how to make your living space look and feel bigger!

Create an Illusion with Mirrors

A common trick to add more space in your home is to use mirrors to create an illusion of space. Mirrors will reflect light and make walls appear larger – interior designers have been doing this for years!

Mirrors and Windows 

If your living room only has one window, then try putting a mirror on the opposite side of the room. With a mirror on the wall adjacent, the outside will be reflected in and create the illusion of outdoor space either side. 

This will also bring more light into your home!

Mirrors Behind Furniture 

If you have filled your living room with furniture, then place a floor-length mirror behind large pieces of furniture. This could be a coffee table, chair or whatever takes up space in your home, just make sure that the top of the mirror sticks out!

This will stop your living room feeling cluttered or cramped and open up the space with clever tricks of the eye.

Art Displays and Mirrors

Break up displays with a mirror to prevent cluttered walls. Whether you have an impressive art collection or just love to display your memories and photographs, a couple of small mirrors within the collection or a larger centrepiece will elevate the space. 

This will create depth in your home and attract light to displays which may otherwise become dull and blend together. Pick out your precious memories and make sure they continue to stand out with a mirror!

Explore our full collection of designer mirrors to find the perfect decor and create space in your living room.

Use Light to Create Depth 

By utilising light in your home, you can effectively distribute light to create a bright environment, which in turn creates the impression of space. 


Try layering multiple lights in order to create depth to your home, this could include small chandeliers, wall lights and lamps dotted around your living room to light up every inch. The different light sources will make your living room appear bigger and invite guests into the different areas of your space.

Floor Lamps 

Fill every corner of your living room with light to add more space to your home, and you can accomplish this with lamps on tables and sideboards easily. 

However, choosing a floor lamp will elevate your room and give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Eyes will follow the light up to the ceiling and encourage a wider field of vision. 

Ceiling Pendants 

For smaller rooms, we recommend choosing a hanging ceiling pendant, as similarly to floor lamps, these will encourage guests to cast their eyes upwards and create the illusion that ‘something happens here’. 

Look for smaller ceiling lights to ensure you don’t take up too much space and block the top of the room off. In this instance, there is a balance between creating space and cutting it off. 

Rugs Can Define Spaces

For living rooms that are structured to offer more than one use, define space with a designer rug. Whether you have a reading nook or small dining area in your living room, break up the different spaces with rugs of any shape to delegate unique areas. 

Using rugs instead of excess furniture to define space is an easy way to add dimension to smaller rooms, without taking up too much space with bulky furniture. 

If you have small children, consider a round rug to act as a play area or section your living space into two halves, a living room and dining space!

Browse a wide range of rugs available at UBER Interiors and find styles to suit every decor theme. 


The Benefits of Exposed Leg Furniture

Choosing exposed leg furniture will both create an illusion of excess space and maximise the area in your living room. 

Add more visual space with cabinets, sofas and coffee tables with exposed legs, which will add more depth to your home and make ceilings appear taller. Plus, exposed leg furniture also offers more storage options. Basic living room essentials like electronics, board games and books can be easily tucked away under the sofa or table to keep your living room looking neat and tidy, and of course, be whipped back out when needed.

You may have an empty corner or space in your living room that’s not big enough for any large furniture pieces, so why not choose a designer stool which will make the most out of your space? 

An exposed leg stool will add decoration, more seating options and maximise the depth of your living room with elegant and subtle style.

Utilising Storage Space

Sometimes it is not all about maximising the visual space in your living room but making the most of every storage option you have to keep your home from being cluttered. 

If utilising storage space is key to your design choices, then read up on our full guide on Living Room Storage Ideas today, or follow our helpful tips below!

Bookcases and Shelves

Utilise vertical space in your living room with a tall bookcase or shelving units and fill them with all the entertainment your family could need. Whether it’s books, DVDs and board games, or even record players and speaker systems, you can fill a designer shelving unit with every living room essential to suit your style. 

Cabinets and Media Units

If you’d prefer to keep your living room accessories hidden, then choose a cabinet or media unit with doors and drawers to keep your space looking neat and tidy. This is a clever option if you still want miscellaneous items in arms reach, but don’t want the clutter!

Coffee and Side Tables with Storage 

Choose a coffee table to live in the centre of your space and adorn it with books and magazines you may want to flick through while enjoying your morning, or to offer to guests as light entertainment when they visit. 

But you can maximise these pieces further by choosing coffee tables with underneath storage space and side tables with handy drawers. Designate these hidden spaces for a plethora of uses and keep everything in its own place. 

Now that you have read up on our tips to make your living room appear bigger, it’s time to have fun exploring your decor options to create your perfect space. Shop a wide range of designer furniture, lighting options and accessories for the living room available at UBER Interiors today!

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