How to Incorporate the Curved Trend into your Lighting

After many years of sharp, angular lines and minimal aesthetics, we see interior trends move to a softer, more playful style. At UBER Interiors, we are loving the return of curved furniture trends. The balance of retro and contemporary styling makes this curved aesthetic perfect for all through the home, with pieces striking the ideal balance between style and functionality. 

It’s not only furniture where we see this curved love affair. Current lighting trends are also being well utilised in creating this softer interior style, particularly with designers looking to add contemporary features to more traditional spaces. 

The benefits of curved furniture and interiors have been well documented; good Feng Shui, a welcoming atmosphere and better sleep, to name only a few. When creating these curved spaces, many people might neglect to update their lighting to match, missing out on the full benefits of the decor. 

Consider this a sign to take a look at your current lighting setup and see if it’s complementing your decor. If not, it might be time for a change. 

Incorporating curved lighting into your decor

Whether you’re working with an already existing curved interior or looking to add some spherical accents, incorporating curved lighting into your decor can easily elevate your space. 

Hanging curved lights over dining tables

A series of pendant lights hung over a dining table, or kitchen island works beautifully to soften the aesthetic. Dining tables can often be visually heavy, so a soft, curved ceiling light helps break this up, resulting in a more visually appealing setting. The Bert Frank Rift Pendant Light is perfect for creating this look. A few of these hanging over a dining table makes for a stunning setting for dinner parties and romantic nights.

Create a welcoming living area 

Curved lighting can help achieve a warm, welcoming living space that feels inviting and cosy. Whether adding lighting to an already curved interior or softening a more angular decor, the Alabastera Torus Alabaster Pendant Light is a perfect choice. The soft glow that emanates from this opulent curved ceiling light is stunning and instantly creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether hosting guests or enjoying your space with loved ones, this beautiful pendant light creates a welcoming atmosphere that anyone would find hard to leave.

Dreamy bedrooms with curved lighting

Bedrooms naturally take on curved decor beautifully. They are a place where we want to relax, unwind and get a great night’s sleep, so a warm, inviting atmosphere is paramount. The warm glow of the Eichholtz Las Palmas Floor Lamp is ideal for achieving the soft illumination you want in a bedroom. The unique shape of this lamp adds a stylish focal point to your room, while the soft glow creates a relaxing environment for winding down at nighttime. 

A beautiful curved centrepiece 

We can’t talk lighting without suggesting an eye-catching centrepiece. We have plenty to choose from in our selection of chandeliers at UBER Interiors. One of our favourites is the Masiero Libe Pendant Light. The illumination from this stunning curved ceiling light is beautifully diffused for a soft, appealing glow, in contrast to the striking base, which is minimal in design but not in its impact on a space. 

Curved lighting at UBER Interiors 

Here at UBER Interiors, we have an incredible selection of curved lighting for you to explore. From leading interior brands with an innate understanding of current trends and skilled teams that masterfully craft their pieces to the highest possible standard. 

One such brand is the tremendous Eichholtz. Founded in 1992, this brand has 30 years of experience at the forefront of interior design. Whether it’s grand chandeliers or stylish table lamps, Eichholtz has a wealth of designs to explore and incorporate into your home that will stand strong for many years. 

For an eye-catching centrepiece, the Luna Lantern is perfect. It beautifully pairs curve appeal with bold, antique brass features, encasing a trio of lights within the spectacular clear glass lantern. Complement existing curved interiors or make this a standout piece in your decor. Either way, this stunning lantern will catch the eye. 

The Branquinhol Chandelier is the ultimate choice for a dramatic centrepiece. Elegant, unique and oozing with curve appeal, this stylish chandelier will be right at home amongst curved decor. The golden tones create a warm, welcoming light, inviting you to enjoy the glow of this breathtaking piece. 

Curved lighting for your outdoor space 

If you want to bring this stunning lighting trend to your outdoor space, there are plenty of ways to do so. Skyline Design has a breathtaking selection of outdoor globe lights in its range. Varying in size, you can choose the right one for your space to enjoy these stunning lights no matter the size of your garden. You can arrange them in pairs or separately, depending on the look you want to create. Perfect for illuminating garden parties and late nights with friends and family.

Curved lighting is the ultimate finishing touch for your decor. An effortless way to add warmth and a welcoming feel to any space, making your house feel like a home. 

To explore the full range of lighting available from UBER Interiors, visit our website. Check out the UBER Interiors blog for more style inspiration, news, and tips. 

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