After your house entrance, the hallway is the first part of your home that guests see when they enter the building. Deciding the correct vision at the start of your project will help you decide on luxury furniture, lighting and accessories. Initially choosing whether to go for lighter and brighter or alternatively dark and dramatic will also have implications on spacial awareness. The lighter the colour, the more it reflects available light. Therefore, the darker the colour, the more it will absorb the light. If you want to make a hallway seem larger you will need to go for lighter shades.

Here we take a look at some of the exclusive products available from UBER Interiors to refresh your hallway.


A long reflective surface will add brightness and create the illusion of extra space. This contrasting element in darker hallways or entrances can bring a touch of light into otherwise empty, dark spaces. One of the key creative elements of styling a hallway is playing with scale. Using shimmering, sophisticated wallpaper designs can introduce a feeling of luxury and will work wonders for reflecting light in a small space. Add accessories on narrow hallway shelves to continue the theme throughout the area.

Seen here is a Decorus Mirror styled with design favourite the Ammonite Decorus console table.


In general, the view of the hallway is functional over aesthetics. The hallway is usually a reception area in your business or home that serves the purpose of leading you on to the main body of the building. The reality is that many hallways have little or no natural light. Sometimes this can create an oppressive, dark environment making them feel unwelcoming. In the absence of natural lighting, look to add feature lighting that will bring a touch of luxury into the entry point of the home.

Create a dramatic focal point upon entry by adding a luxury pendant light or ceiling lamp. Where hanging lights aren’t a choice you can create depth in your interior scheme by adding wall or floor lamps instead.

Seen here is the Bianca pendant chandelier from renowned luxury British furniture brand, Porta Romana. The chandelier is styled with bespoke artwork from Quintessa.

A console table is one of the most common pieces of accent furniture found in the home, and is typically located in the hallways. Console tables combine functionality with whilst adding a focal point to the hallway. Narrow console tables including drawers are a great way to optimise space with storage. They are a great way of adding much needed surface space to smaller hallways to suit your interior style. In larger halls, statement consoles can be used for dramatic effect.

Seen here is a console table from renowned Spanish furniture manufacturer, Amboan. The top is available to order in numerous finishes with contrasting mirrored legs which add depth to your space.

Available to view in our Knutsford showroom.

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