How to Decorate with Green

Versatile and chic, green is one of the trendiest colours to decorate with. Its range of tones and hues means green can fit effortlessly into any decor style. Go bold with stunning emerald and forest green tones, or create a calming, soft sanctuary with gentle shades of sage and mint. 

With hundreds of shades of green to choose from, it’s easy to pair with other colours. If you’re not ready to commit to the full monochrome, one popular combination is green with neutrals. When paired with crisp white tones, green really pops and adds an interesting contrast to your space, especially jewel-toned emerald shades. 

You can also use texture to create different green interior design looks. For example, when green is paired with natural materials like wood, you get a calming, earthy aesthetic. However, by combining green with dark leather and more industrial-style interiors, a more mature, traditional look is created.


Why is green a relaxing colour?

Choosing a shade of green

Accessorising with green 

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Why is green a relaxing colour?

The human retina detects light between wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometers; this range is called the visible spectrum. 

We can perceive three primary colours: blue, green and red. Each of these colours sits at different parts of the spectrum and corresponds with a different wavelength. Blue is lowest at 400 nanometers, and red is highest at 700 nanometers.

Green sits in the middle at 555 nanometers, where our perception is clearest. Researchers believe that our easy perception of the green shade is what makes it a calming colour, as it takes less strain and energy to perceive than other tones. 

This calming ability of green is likely why we see it in the interior design of places of high stress, including hospitals, waiting rooms and offices. It’s also why the “green room” exists. Performers retire to green rooms after long periods of looking at bright lights to allow their eyes to rest.

Choosing a shade of green

The shade of green you choose for your space depends on what sort of atmosphere you wish to create. 

Dark green

Decorating with darker colours can feel intimidating, but it is a really versatile shade to experiment with. Dark green interior design is stylish and elegant, particularly when using jewel-toned shades. 

For example, the Munna Houston Sofa would fit the bill beautifully when decorating with dark green. Using a piece like this amongst more neutral tones creates a stunning central focus to build the rest of the room around. You can pair this sofa with other similarly emerald accessories or choose lighter greens to create more dimension.

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Another stunning option comes from Eichholtz, the Aurelio Sofa features a more turquoise hue, yet the depth of colour still makes it a standout piece. With gunmetal legs, the Aurelio sofa would be perfect for pairing with darker furnishings and accessories, creating that darker, “gentleman’s club” look. 

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Light green

Using lighter green hues is ideal when you want to create an entirely green interior design or want more than just pops of colour. 

The excellent thing about green is the huge variety of shades it has. Take the Cyrus Chair by Eichholtz in “Aegean green”. This opulent teal shade leans into the bluer tones of green, making it a versatile option when decorating around it. Add floral accents and plenty of houseplants to create a gorgeous botanical theme, or play into the blues and add beach-themed accessories for your own seaside paradise. 

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Accessorising with green 

Thanks to its calming nature, adding some green accessories to your interiors can help create a relaxing atmosphere. We have a simply stunning range of green accessories here at Uber Interiors. All work beautifully as standalone pieces or as part of a green interior design theme. 

For a signature piece, look to the Hide & Seek Folding Screen by Munna. This stunning tall screen is perfect for large spaces that you want to divide or to create a small space of its own such as a reading nook or dressing area. The teal shade paired with gold tones hardware makes this piece look especially luxurious. 

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Lighting is an excellent way to inject colour into a space in a more understated way. However, there’s nothing subtle about the beautiful green hue of Bert Frank’s Revolve Pendant Light. Thanks to its opal glass diffuser, a gentle glow emanates from this elegantly designed pendant light. It elevates a room with its jewel-toned colourway, and the brass fittings complement this beautifully.  

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The Lyssa Console by Laskasas is a stunning accessory, perfect for living spaces or entrance halls The curved edges are visually appealing and practical for smaller spaces – no sharp edges to worry about. Any space will receive an instant boost of sophistication with the addition of this marble top console table. 

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Tie it all together with the Serge Lesage Fiction Rug. The intermingling colours feature stunning forest green, grey and neutral sand tones, all ideal for creating a relaxing, natural atmosphere and blending all the features of your decor. Crafted using fine New Zealand wool, this rug is a truly luxurious addition to any space. 

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