How to Create an Art Deco Inspired Living Space

Despite its initial emergence being over a century ago, art deco interior design remains a key source of inspiration in the 21st century. Creating an art deco inspired living space may feel like a challenge, but once you understand the key features of this iconic style, it’s easy to inject art deco glamour into your own space. 

A brief history of art deco

Characterised by geometric shapes, repetition and crisp lines, the art deco style first took off on the back of the First World War. After such horrendous times, people wanted to leave the past behind, look to the future, and embrace all it could bring. Plus, people had more money to spend and invest in creating spaces that were inspired by technology and modernity. 

The art deco interior design movement was largely a rejection of the previous art nouveau trend. A style most famously demonstrated by The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Art nouveau is characterised by smooth shapes and lines inspired by organic forms, a stark contrast to art deco’s sharp lines and geometrics. 

Ultimately, art deco was a relatively short-lived affair. The style fizzled out as the Second World War broke out and art deco, synonymous with forward-thinking and celebration of the future, was no longer in demand nor something people could relate to. 

However, this wasn’t the end for art deco interior design, as the late 1960s saw a renewed interest in the style. Ever since then, art deco has been a popular source of inspiration for art, fashion, jewellery and interiors. 

Art deco interior design for your living space 

Incorporating art deco into your interior design is an easy way to add style and interest to your space. Whether you want a subtle nod to the style or for your living room to mirror a scene from The Great Gatsby, you can find endless inspiration at Uber Interiors. 

For a subtle injection of art deco character, look to the Infinity Side Table by Decorus. The angular design of this table leans beautifully into the geometry of the art deco style. The bottom shelf is mirrored, creating the “infinity” effect. Perfect for art deco interior design themes or as a stand-alone piece, this side table is destined to make a statement in any environment. 

In the range of Decorus furniture at Uber Interiors, you will find that the geometrical nature of art deco is of huge inspiration to this brand. Each of their infinity side tables is handmade to order, with masterful craftsmanship going into every piece. 

Those looking for a more explicitly art deco furniture piece will delight in the Eichholtz Lagonda Cabinet. Its symmetrical, geometric design makes it perfect for art deco interior design schemes. Plus, the multi-level shelving means you can display ornaments, glassware, books and more, all with a touch of class. Display precious possessions in style with the incredibly chic Lagonda cabinet, available in a choice of finishes to best suit your personal tastes. 

Eichholtz is one of Europe’s leading contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories suppliers. Their pieces take inspiration from the antique styles it began with in the early days of the brand, and all have an aged, old Hollywood quality to them that makes them unique and striking.

For a Hollywood-inspired seating option, look no further than the Signorini & Coco Bubble Bench Seat. This luxurious seat features a layer of soft goose down and is covered with grosgrain design leather for ultimate comfort and glamour. The art deco style frame is elevated by the burnished brass finish that fits effortlessly into art deco interior design or any other decor style. 

This versatile piece comes from Signorini & Coco, a family company who have been producing classic Italian furniture since 1968. Currently fronted by the third generation, this family perfectly blends together Italian design and Hollywood luxury in all its pieces. 

Combine style and functionality with the Burlington Ottoman by Linea Luxe. A perfect meld of contemporary design and art deco-inspired styling, this ottoman is the perfect addition to any art deco house interior. Available in your choice of stunning finish, the top features a scalloped effect paired with wooden accents. This ottoman is a beautiful touch for a contemporary living space. Plus, it’s available in two sizes so that you can choose the best option for your space and lifestyle. 

Explore the whole range of Linea Luxe products at Uber Interiors. This leading interior brand has unrivalled attention to detail, with all of its luxury items being handcrafted by highly experienced specialists. The combination of traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology makes Linea Luxe furniture a worthy purchase for your art deco interiors. 

Add the perfect finishing touch to your art deco house interiors with the Vienna Antique Lamp from RV Astley. This striking piece illuminates a space with style and class, with an antique brass base that truly captures the essence of art deco glamour. 

We are proud to stock RV Astley at Uber Interiors. An established brand with over 30 years of design experience. Our collection holds lighting, mirrors and furniture that are stylish, functional and decorative. 

Quick tips for art deco house interiors

To summarise, here are some quick and easy tips to keep in mind when creating an art deco-inspired decor:

  • Embrace vibrant, contrasting colours
  • Incorporate geometric shapes
  • Introduce strong, angular lines 
  • Combine art deco pieces with other antique styles
  • Decorate with ornate accessories 
  • Add glamorous lighting

At Uber Interiors, we are proud to stock leading interior brands that strive to make a statement in your home. To shop our full collection, visit our website. For more styling guides, news and inspiration, be sure to take a look at our blog

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