Here’s How To Embrace The Curved Furniture Trend 2022

If you’re looking to update your interior style, curved pieces are the perfect additions to your home for 2022. 

In complete contrast to the straight lines popularised by 20th Century modernism, sculptural shapes and organic lines are reemerging as the go-to trend, as anticipated by Pinterest Predicts

Sloped, curved lines replace harsh angles, with show-stopping pieces adding structural elegance to all areas of the home. 

At UBER Interiors, we’ve pulled together a helpful guide on how you can style the curved furniture trend in your home. 

From exploring how it emerged to highlighting our favourite statement pieces, get ready to add some curve appeal to your home.

Table Of Contents:

What home decor is in fashion for 2022?

The Influence of the 70s and 20s Art Deco

Ways to try on the curved trend

How to style curved furniture in your home

Spotlight on curved furniture: How to make the curved trend work 

What home decor is in fashion for 2022?

Emerging from a global pandemic, our homes became the epicentre of our lives, forcing us to reexamine our spaces. 

Pre-pandemic, the timeless, angular, boxy furniture that was both on-trend yet practical and functional stole the limelight, with curves considered a dated trend. However, when the focus shifted inwards, we looked to our homes to provide comfort in a difficult situation.

Curves became more appealing once again, offsetting the boxy dimensions of our homes and giving our eyes a natural and comforting place to settle. The brain is naturally drawn to curved lines, and curved sofas and accents help to remove anxiety and add positive energy and a relaxing flow to a living space. 

You cannot ignore curved furniture designs in 2022. Working effectively in spaces that can host a group, they pair well with other furniture styles to break up harsh lines and add a comforting feel to a space. 

And it’s not just open spaces that benefit from some curve appeal. Home offices and bedrooms can be transformed with some structural furniture and accents for a show-stopping and relaxing finish. 

curved coffee table in living room

The curved furniture trend also stems from biophilic design and our quest to be at one with nature. Biophilia – a love of nature and all that is alive – is a new design concept which embraces interior architecture and fills the human need to get closer to nature. 

Natural accents and finishes, combined with indoor plants and relaxed shapes, help create a calming, inviting and a soothing environment filled with good energy. 

The influence of the 70s and 1920s art deco 

Art Deco first came to prominence in the 1920s. Originating in France in 1910, it became a popular style throughout Europe and America in the 1920s and 30s. 

Embracing simplicity, symmetry and repetition of elements, Art Deco showcases clean, geometric shapes inspired by forms from nature, such as the sun’s rays. Art Deco embraces both curves and bold and glamorous accents in its finishes, representing wealth, luxury, and elegance, much like today’s curve aesthetic. 

Then, in the 1970s, designers began to favour a more feminine approach to modern furniture, opting for smoother, curved finishings in contrast to the straight, clean lines of the mid-century modern furniture of the fifties and sixties. 

Art Deco had a resurgence in the eighties, when designers embraced sculptural shapes and curved edges, carrying the curved trend on for another decade. 

The influence of Art Deco in the 1920s resonates today in the 2020s as we approach another decade filled with curved designs. 

Ways to try on the curved trend

If you want to bring some curved pieces into your home but you’re not where to start, here are a few tips to help you embrace the trend.

Start small with some curved accents

If your living space is filled with clean, angular lines, introducing a different aesthetic might seem a little daunting. 

The best way to start is to introduce some curved accents, such as a chair, a stylish lamp or a bright coloured pouffe.  

Porta Romana lamp with curved features

Adding curved accents, such as this stunning Porta Romana lamp, helps draw the eye away from the room’s angular lines creating a stylish focal point.

Go for bold accents 

If you want to create an eye-catching feature, choose a bold colour for your accent chair or one in a fabric that has a contrasting texture to the rest of the furniture in your room. 

Look to Eicholtz’s Adam Chair in a stunning shade of turquoise for its structural form, curved finishes and show-stopping colourway to create a bright accent to an otherwise neutral room. Or choose Linea Luxe’s Travis Ottoman in a bright, velvet finish or a geometric print for statement curve appeal.

Keep standalone curve pieces away from the wall

Because of their curved lines, resist the urge to push your curved pieces against a wall. Curved lines work better when feature pieces are placed more centrally in the room so that you can admire their stunning details from every angle. 

How to style curved furniture in your home

If you’re thinking of transforming a specific room in your home by giving it some curve appeal, our design ideas should provide some inspiration. From choosing stylish accents to arranging your room, it’s never been easier to curate some curves.

Dining room details 

Your dining room table provides the perfect starting point for creating some curvature.

Choose an angular table, and contrast its clean straight lines with some curved dining room chairs, keeping other accents and accessories to a minimum, so the chairs become the room’s main focus.  

Adding curved lines against otherwise angular features helps to add drama to the room. Finish off the look with stylish greenery for a biophilic edge, and draw the eye in with RV Astley’s Art Deco-inspired lighting

How to style curved furniture for a living room 

curved white sofa with matching accessories

Classic accents

If you’re looking for an easy, low-risk way to add some curved furniture designs into your living room, go for classic curved accents. 

Accent or side chairs with curved details in subtle colours or curved coffee tables in classic shapes and materials won’t date as quickly as bolder pieces. 

Subtle curves are also a great way to introduce this trend into your home. Choose a curved sofa and pair it with angular chairs and finishings, so the sofa becomes the room’s main feature. 

Play around with bold colours and prints

For a bolder, statement look, fill your living space with colour! Choose a statement wallpaper for your feature wall, pair it with a luxurious stand-out sofa such as Eichholtz’s Brian Sofa, and finish the look with some complementary accent pieces. 

Bold jungle prints or floral wallpapers are great ways to bring the outside in and bring some nature-inspired designs into your home.

Make your whole furniture collection curved 

Throw caution to the wind and choose curvature for your whole furniture collection! 

A curved sofa paired with accent chairs, an ottoman and a curved coffee table can work well if you play around with textures. A smooth sofa, contrasted with a wooden or glass coffee table and velvet or textured chairs, proves a great combination if you’re trying out this trend.

Choose side chairs with an angular back and arms to add some balance and complete the look with an art deco-inspired mirror

Create a curved conversational place 

Curved white sofas around a circular coffee table

If you’re looking for a way to arrange your room, so the focal point isn’t the television, position your curved sofas and accent chairs around a coffee table. By facing your furniture inwards, you provide the perfect conversational space and allow your curved furniture to be appreciated from all angles. 

Introducing curves into your bedroom 

bed with curved headboard and matching curved bedside tables

Soft lines

To create a softer, more organic feel to your bedroom, pair a curved bedside table with an angular headboard or vice-versa to draw the eye, break up the room’s angles and create contrast. 

A bold colour pop

An accent chair in a bold colour can make a statement addition to an otherwise angular bedroom. 

Rather than fitting in seamlessly, your curved chair makes a statement and becomes a feature, marrying contemporary styles with a more glamorous feature piece. 

The Eichholtz Trapezium Chair in light green is the perfect pick for this, drawing the eye with its shell-shaped frame and wowing with its statement gold finishings.

Create a reading nook 

A reading nook provides the perfect place to relax in your bedroom, and a comfortable, curved chair is both welcoming and inviting after a long day at the office. The Rugiano Emma chair balances curvature and angular lines together, creating a comforting place for you to curl up with your favourite book. 

Take inspiration from the 80s

Be inspired by eighties curvature by combining a curved headboard with round lamps on curved bedside tables. Go for bright, modern colours to update the look and finish with some deco-inspired artwork. 

This look works best when bold wallpapers or paints are combined with a bright headboard, then choose more neutral tones for your accessories. 

Spotlight on curved furniture: How to make the curved trend work

Before you add some curves to your interior design plan, here are a few final things to consider to make your space work in the best way possible.

  • For a relaxing feel, choose furniture in neutral, calming colours inspired by nature, or have a more natural-toned backdrop, to make your brighter curved furniture pieces pop. Finish off the look with accents in natural materials or tones.
  • Arrange your furniture to follow the contours of their curves so that you can appreciate them from all angles. Choose a central focal point, such as a curved coffee table, and position your seating around it.
  • Curves work well in spaces designed for relaxation. Add some plants and wall art to your settings to create a peaceful and personalised space.
  • If you don’t want to change your furniture, opt for curved accents instead, such as ornaments and mirrors, to contrast with the angular details and introduce the trend into your space.

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