Here are 5 Ways To Bring Green Into Your Dining Room

Your dining room is the central point of your household. The place where you share stories with family and friends over perfectly cooked meals, curating a space that marries sophistication and relaxation is important. 

Choosing the perfect shade of green for your dining room can help you achieve this. Whether you’re looking for vibrant green for your walls or some stunning green accents to pair with more neutral tones, we’ve pulled together all of our best tips to allow you to incorporate green into your dining room successfully. 

Table of contents:

  1. Change up your wall colour
  2. Rugs and ceilings
  3. Embrace accents
  4. Chairs and drapes
  5. Bring the outside in and embrace nature

Is green a good colour for a dining room?

Green is an on-trend interior colour for 2022. With a rise in Biophilic design, a way to connect to nature, when it comes to our homes, we’re committed to embracing green and bringing the outdoors inside.

Your dining room is a great space to try on the trend, and you can choose your wall shade or green accents based on your existing aesthetic in other rooms in your home. For example, if your living room embraces Art Deco-inspired design, then an emerald green dining room or accents could work perfectly in your home.

Suppose you want to draw attention to your dining room, or you’re looking to create a more relaxing setting. In that case, there are many ways that you can incorporate green into your space to create a sense of luxury without skimping on functionality. 

5 green dining room ideas to try 

Whether you’re looking to transform your whole room or you want to start with some eye-catching green accents, here are our top tips on how to add a little bit of green luxury to your home.

1. Change up your wall colour

Consider a wall transformation if you want to go all out and embrace a green interior. 

Whether you decide on wallpaper with a bold print, a stunning painted feature wall, or transform your whole room, it’s important to consider the shade of green you choose. 

Effervescent colours and jewelled greens are bold and opulent choices, but if you’re planning on staying with the shade long term, it’s important to choose a green that fits your room and home’s style. 

Green is a colour that works well with both natural and artificial lighting, so it can work beautifully in smaller spaces and larger rooms. For smaller dining rooms, choose a lighter shade of green to avoid making the room feel too claustrophobic. 

Pair sage green walls with earthy, natural-toned accents for a relaxed aesthetic and richer colours with sophisticated textures and gold finishes for a more luxurious style.

2. Rugs and ceilings – the devil’s in the detail 

A rug filled with swirls of green against a neutral backdrop
Serge Lesage Fiction Rug

If you love bold greens but feel intimidated by going for a full wall transformation, area rugs can be a great way to incorporate colour into your dining room. 

Keep the walls neutral, and choose a bolder shade of green for your rug to add an exciting pop of green to your space. Abstract prints, as seen in this Serge Lesage Fiction Rug, also work and help to tie your neutral walls and green accents together.

If you prefer a bare floor, painting the ceiling green is another way to invite a statement pop of green to your dining room. Lighter shades of green on the ceiling combined with white, cream or yellow walls can add a vintage, luxury farmhouse feel to your home. 

3. Embrace accents

Green accents are a stylish and clever way to try out green to see how it fits into your home. A luxurious screen, a statement lamp, bold artwork, rugs, or even some potted plants can add some green charm to your home and help you transform your dining room space. 

If you want your accents to pop, keep the rest of your room neutral to greaten the impact of even the smallest green shade. This approach works effectively in black and white rooms and allows you to easily swap out your green additions if you decide that the colour doesn’t work well in your space. 

4. Chairs and drapes – statement decor 

If you want to instantly inject some bold green colour into your space, how about introducing some stunning green dining chairs into your space? You can add these without repainting your walls, and if you choose a bold shade of green, your chairs will work effectively with other bold, bright hues.

The Eichholtz Cipria green velvet dining chairs help to add some rich opulence and 1950s glamour to your dining space. In contrast, the Cyrus Chairs would work effectively to create a statement in both modern and traditional dining room settings. 

Green lamp with gold base against rich green drapes

You can also mirror this aesthetic with your choice of drapes. Richer shades work well in rustic settings, whereas softer shades of green provide a perfect backdrop to statement accents in bold colours. 

5. Bring the outside in and embrace nature

Breathe life into your dining room by adding some plants. Whether you decide on a large potted Monstera for the corner of your dining room or some tiny herb planters to create an interesting centrepiece for your dining room table, it’s the perfect opportunity to characterise your room with some biophilic design.

A tropical printed wallpaper feature wall with some tropical plants creates a sophisticated, jungle-inspired space that’s both on-trend and kitsch. Neutral, earthy tones such as sage green, white and natural wood create a calming mood enhanced further with some natural plants.

Bookcase with books and plants

There’s never been a better time to add some gorgeous green shades to your home, and your dining room is the perfect place to start. Go bold with rich wall shades, or if you’re keen to try out the trend before committing, invest in some statement green accent pieces.

Finish your dining room off with some stylish green dining chairs, and then accentuate the room with plants, to bring in some nature and add a sense of calm to the room.

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Transform your dining room by shopping the links above to bring some green luxury into your home. From stylish dining and armchairs to fabulous wallpaper and finishing touches, it’s never been easier to incorporate green into your home’s interior design. 

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