A popular interior styling trend is the classic combination of black and white. Interior schemes have seen a resurgence of the monochrome craze, whose simplistic nature makes it easy to create style choices. Monochrome schemes can be just as successful as vibrant colours; delivering contrast, richness and warmth through elements such as luxurious textures, strong print and brushed metallic. We show you how to replicate the look.


Black and white can be a dramatic combination when used with a considered approach. The colours must balance correctly for a stylish effect. A crisp, white colour scheme can often be the go to look for smaller rooms, particularly the bathroom. However, to avoid the feeling of being clinical it is important to add patterned or detailed features within the environment. Incorporate geometric patterns and shapes in soft furnishings to highlight clean lines and definition within an otherwise, stark white space. Equally, avoid overdoing black throughout the room as it can appear oppressive and menacing.


Maintain visual interest by varying textures. Including texture is important in any interior but it plays a more dominant role where colour is absent. Enhance the interplay between light and shadow by contrasting smooth, glossy surfaces with richly upholstered fabrics and accessories. The key is to contrast a smooth, glossy surface with richly upholstered fabrics and accessories. Leather or faux fur could be considered for the scheme to ooze luxury whilst maintaining an invitational, comfortable environment.


Hints of metallic can uplift the scheme and evoke a feeling of glamour. Investing in luxe materials, such as marble and brass give an elegant, luxurious feel. Monochrome schemes with touches of metallic stem from the Art Deco era which saw a rise in popularity of the complementary materials. Another alternative to warm up a monochrome scheme is by including organic materials. A timber floor or warm honey coloured table legs instantly softens the palette. The understated accents of colour at once break up the contrast of monochrome.



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