How to transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel room. The great hotel rooms epitomise luxurious style and act as a haven for retreat. Uber Interiors brings you the latest inspirational guide to transform your bedroom into your own spacious retreat.

Selecting your dream style is key.


Choosing a bold colour scheme will bring a touch of opulence to your bedroom. A strong, saturated colour scheme requires some confidence but can have striking dramatic effects. A rich colour on the walls and carpet can be complimented by faux fur and satin soft furnishings. If this is too bold, try incorporating brighter colours by using scatter cushions and throws. Refresh the room every couple of years by changing the colour of the cushions.


For a more tranquil hotel-style bedroom opt for a backdrop of white washed walls and minimalist features. White is commonly used in hotel linens and bedding synonymous with creating a cloud-like, heavenly atmosphere. Sliding glass doors allow the room to feel more open and spacious. You can replicate the idea by incorporating mirrors into your design can make smaller bedrooms feel much bigger and lighter.


Hotel minimalism is best explored in open plan living space. Lighting can be used as a finishing touch to the contemporary, industrial scheme. Be sure to use a mixture of ambient and task lighting, as the bedroom is no longer just for sleeping but is multi functional. A mix of down-lights should be used for practical activities such as makeup/cleaning, the aesthetic lighting should provide ambiance through desk and floor lamps.


Various textures are an important element of a hotel experience and give the room that glamourous touch. Headboards should always create a feature in the room and by incorporating a rich fabric such as velvet can add to the lavish, relaxing feel. At Uber we can create any headboard with over 10,000 fabric choices available to achieve the ultimate luxurious look.


For a further statement feature try incorporating unusual furniture designs or shapes which can provide a unique, creative touch to the room. The bedroom is the only room of the house that is all about you and you can make it a statement of your own personality. Something like the creative shape of this bed adds a distinctive feel to the room.

If your budget doesn’t cover entire makeovers, don’t forget the little luxuries that make hotel stays so inviting. It could be a handmade scented candle, bespoke covered cushion or a statement vase to refresh the room.

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