As part of our series of features on the new Photon Collection from Porta Romana, we will be looking at groups of products which stand out as simply outstanding.

Everyone has seen the effects glass has on light. The refractions can create some of the most dramatic lightening effects and atmospheres to spaces – both large and small. In the Proton collection, Porta Romana has created a selection of lamps with clear glass bases.



Combine the delicate beauty of fine blown glass and planes of glasses, both polished and scalloped and you have a incredibly elegant result. This lamp has echo’s of fine jewelry. A master glass of elegance – and lifts all the pieces it is placed near.

The lamp’s spun accessories are available in Gold or silver.



Solid glass crown created by our leading glass blowers captures the light and transposes it into something other worldly. Coupled with the finest spun accessories (in the base and neck) has created a powerful piece. Sometimes the smaller pieces can have a greatest impact.

The lamp’s spun accessories are available in Gold or Silver.



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