Some say they’re named for the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, but no one is certain who coined the name to describe a true design classic, a sofa with deep buttoning and a back and arms of the same height.

The Chesterfield style has endured for centuries and has been interpreted in many different ways, honed to suit any taste or interior. We select some of our favourite modern interpretations of this true icon of furniture.


Andrew Martin – Playing with Tradition

Founded in 1978 and now a giant in the world of interior design, UK based Andrew Martin’s philosophy is to create a fusion of cultures with touches of charming playfulness, to create interior spaces that effortlessly mix high glamour with ancient traditions. Their take on the Chesterfield keeps the traditional shape, with rolled arms, but injects fun with the Union Jack or Stars and Stripes motifs of their Rebel range. Shown below in a traditional feel study scene, it can look equally at home in a modern apartment.andrew-martin-rebel-sofa-smallBrand new from Andrew Martin is the Athos sofa, in delicate white upholstery this has a boudoir feel.

Arketipo – Sleek Italian Design

Almost at the other end of the spectrum, Arketipo produce innovative, ultra modern pieces. With their own unique twist on the Chesterfield, Manzoni e Tapinass designed the Windsor range – a traditional English name to pay homage to their inspiration adding detail such as a slightly tapering line to modernise. Shown in luscious purple velvet, the Windsor range is available in a huge choice of fabrics from Arketipo, or your own choice, though not all fabrics are suitable due to the strength needed for the buttoning. Many sizes are available along with a matching armchair, chaise and bed.


Eichholtz – Modern Comfortable

Back again to a more faithful interpretation of the Chesterfield, Eichholtz’s Gymnasium Club Sofa. The linen West End sofa has beautiful stud detailing to highlight the shape, also available in black and leather finishes.


Dom Edizioni – Ultra Luxurious

Dom Edizioni’s philosophy is that furniture has a soul and this spurs them to create the finest Italian luxury furniture. For their interpretation, designer Domenico Mula has taken the buttoning all over the Capitonne sofa, keeping the iconic style but bringing it right into the 21st century. Again, this range has many different models and fabric options.


Munna – The Petit Chesterfield

Munna use buttoning in many of their pieces – the charmingly named ‘Be Mine’ is a compact sofa or love seat, which would look absolutely beautiful in a bedroom or for those with a limited space to fill.


Christopher Guy – The Statement Sofa

The McQueen Sofa is extravagantly long at 4 metres and has a wonderful, slightly curved shape. It looks absolutely fabulous in bold red! Please contact us for pricing on this model – smaller sizes and other upholstery options available.


Busnelli – Complete Reinvention

The Busnelli Bohemien range uses a huge amount of fabric or leather, which is traditionally buttoned on the internal surfaces of the sofa, but left to drape over it’s sides and back for a unique and modern take on the Chesterfield.

And Busnelli show they can completely innovate or keep to tradition with equal success, with the perfectly proportioned Grande Waltzer Sofa.

Moda – Pushing the boundaries

Lastly, we’d say that Moda’s Paramount sofa is probably not, strictly speaking, a Chesterfield. It has a soft and squishy shape and quilted, rather than buttoned, upholstery. It certainly evokes the spirit though and is fantastically comfortable to sit on!

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