Curved Furniture Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to designing your dream bedroom, there’s a lot to consider. Colour scheme, layout, furniture – to name only a few. One thing that may be overlooked though is shape. 

The shapes you choose can have a drastic effect on the atmosphere and visual appeal of your space. As predicted, curves and soft silhouettes are very much trending in the interior design world. Harsh lines and angles take a backseat as we see smooth corners and arches emerge in their place. The bedroom is an excellent place to try out this trend, and incorporating curved bedroom furniture into your space is a lot easier than you may think.

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Curved Bedroom Furniture
  2. Accessories
  3. Small Curved Bedroom Furniture
  4. Large Curved Bedroom Furniture
  5. What’s the Best Way to Decorate a Circular Bedroom?

Benefits of Curved Bedroom Furniture

Aside from the stunning visuals, curved furniture can actually be beneficial for sleep and relaxation too.

The ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui originates from a poem that discusses the connection between human life and the environment. 

This developed into the practice of Feng Shui, which involves the arrangement of furniture in living spaces, placing them in such a way that creates balance with the natural world. The end goal is to establish harmony between a person and their environment. 

Curved furniture and interiors tend to give off a warm, welcoming feel in contrast to their more angular counterparts. 

Looking to the rules of Feng Shui, curved shapes are said to create a relaxing atmosphere that we associate with familiarity and safety. This is due to the curves mimicking the natural contours of the earth. 

All these warm feelings conjured up by curved bedroom furniture set us up for a great night’s sleep, as well as a stunning-looking room. 


For those wanting to try out the trend without committing to a space full of curved bedroom furniture, accessories are an excellent place to start. 

Start off subtle with the San Francisco Lanterns by Guaxs – a gorgeous way to lean into the curved trend. Plus, with some flickering candles, you’ll really encapsulate that welcoming Feng Shui feel. 

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Go for something more unique with the Vine Mirror from quirky Portuguese brand Ginger & Jagger. The circular design paired with the wild branches element really plays into the idea of bringing a natural feel to the bedroom. 

Sleek and chic, the Circular Plinth from Simpsons London brings a contemporary element to our curved bedroom furniture options. Handmade in England, this piece adds a touch of opulence to any space. 

Lighting is also a wonderful way to experiment with the curved trend. The Bartoli Wall Lamp from Eichholtz really encapsulates the versatility of curve appeal. Its gentle illumination brings an ambient glow to the bedroom and is the perfect finishing touch. 

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Small Curved Bedroom Furniture

If you’re feeling a little braver after adding in some accessories, you could incorporate some small items of curved bedroom furniture.

For example, the Reko Night Table from Rugiano is perfect for bringing in curve appeal without being too imposing. The diamond-shaped handle also adds an interesting contrast to this piece. 

To add a modern chic touch, the Eichholtz Blush Chair is a perfect choice. Its rounded silhouette blends effortlessly with other curved interiors while the boucle upholstery adds a textured element, bringing style and comfort to your bedroom.

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Another option is the Laskasas Rosie Bedside Table. This mid-century-inspired piece comes in two different sizes, so it can fit into any space. A gorgeous item of curved bedroom furniture for those new to the trend or those who want to level up the curve appeal in their space.

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Large Curved Bedroom Furniture

For those ready to make a long-term commitment to the curved love affair, these larger curved bedroom furniture pieces are ideal for reaching Feng Shui perfection. 

Hailing from Milan, Rugiano knows a thing or two when it comes to chic design and precision detailing. The curved headboard of the Dama Bed adds a touch of glamour to any room, and the stunning neutral colour scheme means this piece will blend seamlessly with any decor.

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Those with space to spare look no further than the Spitfire Pod Chair by Andrew Martin. A real standout piece of curved bedroom furniture, its distinct design features metal panels complete with nuts and bolts for a rustic look whilst the inside boasts supreme comfort and cosiness.

Who says coffee tables have to be limited to the lounge? The Soren Coffee Table by Eichholtz would make a stunning addition to a bedroom. With a touch of handcrafted charm, this luxurious coffee table brings effortless curve appeal to your space.

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For both curve appeal and art-deco glamour, the Signorini & Coco Rimmel Dressing Table is perfect. The stunning contours of this piece will elevate any bedroom. Plus, you can choose the finish and tailor this amazing piece of curved bedroom furniture to suit your own tastes. 

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What’s the Best Way to Decorate a Circular Bedroom?

When faced with decorating a circular bedroom, some may feel like they’ve hit the jackpot, whereas others think they’ve drawn the short straw. 

Whilst it’s true that circular bedrooms require a little more thought when it comes to design, by following a few straightforward tips, you shouldn’t go far wrong. 

Follow the Flow of the Room

Angular furniture simply won’t work in a circular bedroom. The harsh lines work against the contours of the space rather than complementing them. 

Instead, choose curved bedroom furniture and accessories to accentuate the welcoming flow of the room. You can still be creative with your furniture choices. For example, the Trapezium Chair by Eichholtz would work beautifully in a circular bedroom. The curves help follow the flow of the room. whilst the scallop-shaped design provides an interesting silhouette. 

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Maximise Space

Placing the main piece of furniture, the bed, in a circular bedroom can prove difficult if there are no flat walls at all. However, with some thoughtful furniture choices, you can quite easily offset the lost space. The Rugiano Vogue Night Table is stylish and chic and has room underneath that could be filled with a small basket or box for extra storage.  

Enjoy the Shape 

A circular bedroom takes Feng Shui to a new level. With the right curved bedroom furniture and accessories, your circular bedroom should feel like a welcoming sanctuary that you can embrace and enjoy on a daily basis. 

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