Stunning Curved Furniture for your Angled Walls

The interior design trend for curved furniture is hugely popular thanks to its calming, cosy quality and playful visual appeal with soft egdes. The welcoming feel created by a curved interior theme means it’s a style that slots easily into almost every home. 

However, most of the time, we only see curve appeal demonstrated in regular, rectangular rooms. Leaving homeowners with peculiar angles and uneven walls baffled by how to style their unique space. 

Angled walls and oddly shaped spaces may feel challenging, but rather than be daunted, embrace the personality and character of your wonky walls and lean into the fresh interior design opportunities you’ve been given. 

Use symmetry in your living room to distract from odd angles

Angled living room walls offer many options for curve interiors. Instead of choosing straight lines and harsh angles, complementary curves and soft shapes are the best options to embrace your space. Experimenting with different heights in an uneven space can also help create visual interest and draw the eye away from the unusual shape of the room. 

A sofa curved inwards, like a soft semi-circle creates an easier angle to face and talk to your guests. Even more so when you create symmetry by opposing 2 reflecting each other around a coffee table as with this Kelly Curved Sofa from Eichholtz.

The interesting shape and low height of the Eichholtz Khan Sofa make it the perfect addition to a living room with angled walls. Oozing in mid-century chic, The Khan sofa’s gentle curves and playful, bubble-like silhouette adds character to a space while keeping the visual curve appeal that makes it feel welcoming and calm. 

Additional scandi-cool from Eicholtz can be found in the De Soto Coffee Tables. The curved shape of the tables, along with the natural feel of the petrified wood finish, makes this set perfect for complementing curve interiors. Choose your preferred finish to complement your existing curve interior design, then adorn them with your favourite coffee table reads for a homely touch. 

Soften your dining room with curves

The dining room is a place for togetherness and quality time, and curved walls need not take away from this. The most uneven of dining rooms can be transformed into a cosy, functional space with some clever design. 

A sideboard can elevate your dining space while providing a practical storage solution that helps to maximise your room. A curved sideboard design helps fit the flow of uneven rooms, leaning into the unique shapes rather than fighting against them with harsher angles. 

The Rugiano Epoque sideboard is an incredible example of this. Its high shine finish and art deco styling, along with generous storage, make it ideal for unconventional spaces.

Curved walls can sometimes make a space feel more narrow, so where dining rooms are concerned, a traditional rectangular shape may not be the best choice. Instead, the soft lines of the Oracle Dining Table by Arketipo will provide a sophisticated touch while being more practical in an uneven room. 

Curve interior design for bedroom 

A bedroom with curved walls can be more beneficial than you may expect. The ancient Chinese Feng Shui tradition dictates that curved furniture and interiors provide a warmer, welcoming environment that is perfect for bedrooms

Embracing a uniquely shaped room becomes even more palatable when you can combine curve appeal with additional storage. The Linea Albany Ottoman is a timeless style and practical addition to any space. Perfect for storing throws, extra bedding or cushions, this ottoman can be customised to suit your current decor with a selection of beautiful fabric options to choose from. 

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, an important space in any home to get valuable rest and relaxation. The most important part of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. And when it comes to beds for rooms with curved lines and walls, the Signorini & Coco Manhattan bed is going to fit the bill perfectly. 

Lighting options for curve interiors

When designing around a space with curved lines, lighting cannot be overlooked. Incorrect lighting choices can undermine even the most expertly styled curved interiors. However, with the Koa Double Pendant Light by Heathfield & Co, you can feel assured that you’ve made the right selection. A beautifully designed, arched pendant light that makes a stunning addition to any curved space. 

When thinking about lighting, we often overlook the impact a mirror can have on a space. They can add light and dimension to a room, as well as be a beautiful accessory. Uneven rooms can be made to look larger and brighter with the addition of a mirror and create the illusion that the space is more symmetrical. 

For example, the handmade charm of the Simpsons London Charleston Tiffany Mirror is perfect for curved interior design. 

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