OK I know, three parts! But I’ve hardly touched on many finds… this full round up only focuses on only two of the main exhibit areas!

Clerkenwell design week 2014123

At the entrance to Detail was the was a small exhibition tent or Pavilion with some fabulous finds…

Clerkenwell design week 2014115

CTO Lighting here showing some lovely new additions. Some striking new lighting designs by Paris based architect and designer Stéphane Parmentier

montebello light from CTO Lighting by Stephane Parmentier

The Montebello wall light is made of bronze with a satin brass.

Clerkenwell design week 2014 CTO Lighting

Super simple elegance of this Array Opal table light with a satin brass base and bronze.

CTO Lighting, Grace at Clerkenwell design week 2014

The Grace satin brass wall light is an exciting addition and incredibly simple designed for CTO Lighting by Stéphane Parmentier.

Bell Pendant and Big BUlb wall lights CTO Lighting

Although not strictly brand new The Bell pendant (available here) was looking dramatic in the flesh with the Big Bulb wall lights.

One of design team’s favourites next, Fameed Khalique never fails to woo the audiences with boundary-pushing textures and techniques for walls, floor and fabrics.

Clerkenwell design week 2014124

Clerkenwell design week 2014125

Clerkenwell design week 2014126

Clerkenwell design week 2014127

Clerkenwell design week 2014129

I was taken by the delicate yet sturdy appeal of these lights by the Austrian husband and wife duo of Kaia, who are exhibiting in the UK for the first time.

Clerkenwell design week 2014130

Gloster’s second installment (their other being over in the Farmiloe) was suitably at home amongst the flowers of the garden at the Cloister Garden of the order of St John.

Clerkenwell design week 2014131

The eever-popularCloud modular sets the benchmark for design quality and endurance. Shop all the Cloud range here.

Clerkenwell design week 2014132

The wonderful Vista is a modular newcomer to the Gloster range and already causing a stir. Available in many configurations (have a look at our shop)

Clerkenwell design week 2014134

I missed out so much by trying to cram my one day trip in with May Design Series missing out on not only the ‘stumble across’ finds but the Additions and Platform sections not to mention the #CDW Presents which was aimed at interacting with the public. Next year I’m making at least a complete day of it, if not the full three!

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