Launched in 2007, Christopher Guy celebrates his 10th anniversary in the interior industry. World-renowned for high-quality, hand-crafted furniture, this British brand creates pieces with a contemporary mood and classic values. As an exclusive supplier, we bring you an insight into the world of Christopher Guy. Read on to discover more.

Christopher Guy first discovered his passion for decorative design at the tender age of 16 after working alongside his Spanish stepfather on their family home in France. Situated on the shorelines of the French Riviera, the elegance and effortless beauty of the region inspired him to create the designs we see today.
With a presence in over 42 cities, the extravagant showrooms are based all over the world from North America to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Created for discerning buyers and interior designers, the brand has become a complete luxury lifestyle.

Inspired by the era of escapism, the late 1920’s and 30’s brought us Hollywood sirens and Art Deco style. Christopher Guy’s timeless designs hark back to this golden age of glamour.
Largely influenced by French modernist designers of the 1930s, Guy’s designs capture a sense of history. Using his Ovale Dining Chair as an example, Guy chose the famous film Gone with the Wind to inspire his signature crisscrossed legs. Dark, mahogany wood, high-quality metallic detailing and sumptuous fabrics and leathers signify Christopher Guy’s opulent furniture and accessories.

The Mademoiselle Collection
The Mademoiselle Collection by Christopher Guy is inspired by fashion icon Coco Chanel.
The collection brings us Christopher Guy’s interpretation of what Chanel’s apartment may have looked like had it been commissioned in the modern day. Her unrivalled chic, elegance and timeless style can be seen in the dark wood, subtle hues and luxurious upholstery. The curved lines and highly decorative pieces are stylish and feminine; however, they still hold a masculine quality. A trait that was prominent in her own designs, we are sure Coco Chanel would approve!

A favourite within the industry, you can spot his fabulous furnishings in some of the finest hotels in the world including the Savoy and The Venetian. Christopher Guy’s designs have also appeared in many movie blockbusters including Casino Royale, The Devil Wears Prada and Oceans 11. However, our favourite project that Christopher Guy has worked on is the redesign of Harrod’s London restaurant “The Georgian”.

Over 100 years old, the famous flagship restaurant had become dull and tired. Christopher Guy was hired to restore the restaurant to its former glory. He proposed a complete makeover that was still in keeping with the original 1920s feel of the room. Referring to Coco Chanel for inspiration, he noted that Chanel herself visited Harrods often.
Leaving behind the cramped tables and stiff chairs, Guy installed plush booths, stylish seating areas, extravagant artwork and new Art Deco style carpets. No

w restored back to its pre-war elegance, the restaurant emanates character and originality.



Chanel and Dior-esque in spirit, his long-standing design philosophy ensures that the brand creates uniquely beautiful decorative furnishings that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Guy’s designs have proved to add a glamorous touch to both traditional and contemporary homes instilling an elegant sophistication into any space.

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