Choosing a Table: A Dining Table Buying Guide

choosing a table, dining table buying guide

When it comes to staple furniture for your home, a dining table is one of the principal pieces you should invest in. The kitchen is the heart of the home and food brings families and friends together, so finding the perfect dining table to facilitate that and fit well within your interiors is really important for making a house a home. 

From the size and shape to the material you opt for, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing a table. Here at UBER Interiors, we’ve created a dining table buying guide to give you all the information you need to help you make your decision and ensure it’s the right one for your home.

Choosing a Table

Before choosing your table, there are some fundamental elements to decide on that will help you narrow down which styles and features are best suited to you and your home:


Perhaps the number one thing to think about when choosing a table is the size you’ll need. If your dining table will be placed in a large, spacious room, you’ll need a table that can adequately fill it. Alternatively, if your dining table will sit in your kitchen or a smaller room, you’ll need to ensure you opt for one that doesn’t over-dominate your available space.

Another element when thinking about size is to factor in how many places around the table you’d like it to fit. Will this be your everyday dining table for family meals or a larger one you use for festivities, special occasions and dinner parties? These are all key things to decide on when it comes to choosing a table you can use for years to come.

choosing a table, dining table buying guide



In addition to size, you’ll also need to consider the shape you want your table to be. Rectangular and circular tables are the most common shapes for dining tables and your choice largely comes down to personal preference. Rectangular tables tend to take up more room, while round dining tables work well in compact rooms and may also provide more seating space when you have additional guests.


Be careful when deciding the colour of your dining table. While it might be tempting to go for on-trend hues or bold colours, the tables that will last you a lifetime are the ones that will outlive the trends and work in harmony with any future interior scheme. 

It’s also important to think about your existing furniture to make sure your new table will match or complement them. For example, if your side cabinets and end tables are dark walnut, a light oak dining table will look out of place. Similarly, if your dining room decor includes gold accents, you may wish to opt for a table with gold metalwork instead of silver. 

With bespoke, made-to-order designs within our collection at UBER Interiors, you can pick the colour and details of your dining table and ensure it perfectly suits your home. 


One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when choosing a table is its material, as this plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your table.

Wooden Dining Tables

choosing a table, dining table buying guide


Wooden dining room tables are the most traditional of the materials you can opt for. Sturdy and heavy, a solid wood table is a classic piece of furniture that will stand the test of time if properly cared for. As there are many different types of wood available, it’s easy to find the right wood colour, grain and characteristics to suit your dining room. Whether you opt for a light oak, dark mahogany or rich walnut, wooden dining tables are ideal for creating a rustic feel and a homely aesthetic. 

Glass Dining Tables

choosing a table, dining table buying guide


If you’re looking for a more contemporary look for your dining room or kitchen, a glass table could provide the perfect solution. With their light-reflecting surface, glass tables can help make a room feel more spacious and bright, making them particularly ideal for smaller rooms. What’s more, due to their clear top, glass dining tables are extremely versatile and easy to work into any decor. 

Marble Dining Tables

choosing a table, dining table buying guide


Opulent and grand, a marble dining table is a true showstopper and makes a stunning addition to any dining room. With their timeless beauty, marble dining tables fit well within modern or traditional homes and never go out of style. Full marble tables are extremely heavy, while marble-topped dining tables give you the same aesthetic without as much bulk or weight. However, be mindful that marble tables need to be well maintained, as marble is susceptible to scratches and damage. 

Stainless Steel Dining Tables

choosing a table, dining table buying guide


Interiors have a modern and contemporary aesthetic? The metallic sheen of a stainless steel dining table could be the ideal fit for your kitchen or dining room. Metal dining tables made from materials such as stainless steel are perfect for introducing a cool, industrial edge to your decor and have the added bonus of being easy to maintain and keep clean. However, too much chrome and a steely colour palette can make a room feel cold and clinical, so think carefully about the rest of your decor and try to work in some additional colours and textures to ensure your room feels modern but inviting.

Complementing Furniture 

Once you’ve determined the size, shape, colour and material of your dining table, the last thing you need to think about is whether you’ll need additional furniture to complement its appearance and create a well-harmonised room. The most obvious question is which dining seating you’ll pair with your new dining table. Will you opt for an upholstered bench or individual dining chairs? Having these in mind will help you get a clear idea of your desired look before you invest in your dining table.

It’s also important to consider other key pieces of furniture in your dining room, including display cabinets, shelving units and sideboards you may already have, or wish to include in your room. Though a dining table is the focal point of the room, ensuring your surrounding furniture matches or complements your choice of table plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic of your dining area.

Ready to complete the search for your perfect dining table? At UBER Interiors, we have designer dining tables to suit every home and the tableware to add the final finishing touches.

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