Buster + Punch with Justin Deakin at London Fashion Week

UBER Cool lighting and furniture brand, Buster + Punch are adding their wonderful British design to the cutting edge of UK events. In keeping with their Rock and Roll ethos, they were given the task of designing the Q Award and the honour of presenting the Q Best Act In The World Today category in 2014.

Q Award Designed by Buster + Punch

Q Award Designed by Buster + Punch


Sam Smith with his Q Award Designed by Buster + Punch

Sam Smith with his Q Award Designed by Buster + Punch

Next for Buster + Punch was a unique collaboration at London Fashion Week. In celebration of the shared passion for motorbikes, music and the art of making, the two iconic British designers Justin Deakin and Massimo Buster Minale, teamed up to showcase their daring craftsmanship and innovative fashion design.

The strictly limited editions of light shade and biker boot, both crafted in finest quilted Italian calf leather with solid metal and rubber detailing, were a perfect pairing.

Amongst the UK’s top shoe designers for over 20 years, Justin Deakin now has his own store in East London. A blending of tradition coupled with modern styles, with unique touches of the imagination, Justin works with the best English manufacturers and materials.

Buster + Punch's Stall at London Fashion Week 2015

Buster + Punch’s Stall at London Fashion Week 2015

Buster + Punch’s philosophy is this;

Since the day we opened the doors to the public, our main aim was to drag the sluggish interiors world out of the front door and onto our streets and catwalks alike. This exciting collaboration represents the first steps towards us achieving this goal and we will be wearing great boots along the way!.



We’ve also had an exclusive preview of a very exciting, innovative new lighting product by Buster + Punch which will be launched in March 2015 – Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!



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