Alivar have wowed Milan again, this time with their ‘Backstage’ collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, premièred at Milan 2014 and now available online at

You can also download the full PDF brochure here.

And watch the video;

Alivar Land Sofa

Original and natural. Softness, warmth and tactility: this is the LAND sofa.

Alivar Suite Double Bed

A large and curvy headboard creates a refined setting and suggests maximum comfort and relax. Prestigious leathers and precise manufacturing guarantee a high-quality product.

Alivar Carol Armchair

Desire for the elegance of the past: CAROL . A neo-vintage pouf with rounded lines that revisit the 1950s in a contemporary way.

Alivar Inside Cabinets

Alivar Inside Cabinets


Alivar Liuto Dining Tables

Essential lines and formal minimalism characterise the design of this perfectly balanced table. Die cast chrome-plated or painted aluminium base.

092-tsxq39_alivar_sax_square_side_table 092-tsxq59_alivar_sax_coffee_table

Alivar Sax Side Tables

SAX: a collection of occasional tables supported by an elegant shiny steel base that contrasts with the colours of the top: heat-treated wood, marble and customized lacquered surfaces. Versatile solutions for the living room or bedroom.

Diesys Bookcase

Versatility and modularity are the key words of the ALIVAR furnishings intended for the living area. The latest trends increasingly emphasise the need to have furniture that can be made according to the customer’s needs, for a real “tailored” product. The new bookcase by ALIVAR is certainly a piece of furniture which offers many solutions regarding dimensions and stylistic finishes. Please contact us for pricing.


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