Make your house a home and style your coffee table like a pro… We share our decorating tips to explore the art of creating a chic, stylish look for your coffee table.

The coffee table is usually the centre piece in the main living area of the home. Coffee tables serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose and therefore style accordingly. Keeping presentation attractive without disrupting the flow of the rest of the space is crucial. Coffee table styling should be easy to master if you follow our handy guide to style your coffee table like an interior stylist.


Declutter the coffee table and surrounding area that you intend to style. Within your living space you should also have complimentary storage furniture to hide away any unwanted objects. Begin by selecting a range of product that is both personal and on trend with your interior and the season.

Begin by selecting a range of product that is personal and on trend with your interior and the season.


What will work in your room? The display you are creating on your coffee table doesn’t purely work in isolation, it reflects the environment it sits. The styling should mimic the surroundings. Selecting items which look suitable from all angles will give your coffee table style the cohesive 360 look.

We love this candle from Baobab which will stay relevant in your home no matter the season or trend.


When selecting your product it is important to use items that are the right size. A piece should never become lost on the table. Equally they should never be too big to overwhelm the space or disrupt the functionality. You should still have room to use the coffee table for its intended purpose; placing a drink, book or remote control.

Including flowers adds a touch of freshness and brightens the display.


Styling should sit low on the table to avoid disrupting the remainder of the room. Varying heights of the product creates interest to the feature. Add further depth to the styling by including a range of textures and finishes.

As a rule selecting product which is both classic and relevant to your home is always the safest option for styling.

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