Living Room Furniture Guide

Your living room is the heart of your home, it's the space where we catch up with friends, laugh with family and where we make precious memories together. So, why wouldn’t you want to make your living room the best space it could be?

Allow us to inspire your home refresh with our living room ideas hub! Here you will find the latest tips and trends on how to make the most out of your living space, whether storage is key or it’s all about theming, our interior design experts are here to help you. 

Let’s start with the furniture! Will you keep it minimal or is it the cosier the better?

Living Room Furniture Ideas



An armchair in your living room is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere. More seats makes way for more company in your home, and what better way to do so than a stylish and inviting armchair?

Coffee Table

Coffee Tables

The centre of your living room, a coffee table should blend seamlessly with the room yet still be a stylish piece that will have your guests admiring your taste. Explore our range of designer coffee tables today.

Display Cabinet

Display Cabinets

Showcase your proudest achievements, family mementoes and precious, crafted ornaments in a show-stopping display cabinet. Ideal for keeping things in order in your living room, a display cabinet introduces storage to style.

Bookcases & Shelves

Bookcases & Shelves

Remind your loved ones of the finer things in life and display a world of literature on a neat bookcase or shelves. Why not think beyond books too, and showcase photos and memories that you want to be reminded of every day?

Media Unit

Media Units

Turn your living room into a social hub with a modern media unit from our impressive selection. Whether you want to create a home cinema experience or keep it modest, enjoy endless movie nights with family and friends in comfort with a sleek media unit.

Storage Trunks

Storage Trunks

Living rooms are one of the busiest areas of your home where we spend the most time together, so at times it can get a little too cluttered. A stylish storage trunk will add to your decor theme and also hide away spare blankets, board games and any other essentials you may need handy.

Chaise Longues & Sofa Beds

Chaise Longues & Sofa Beds

Why not add a little luxury to your living room with an ornate and comfortable chaise longue or sofa bed? Stretch out after a long day and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own space.



Choosing the right sofa for your living room can transform your space and is often the most important part of the furniture in the space. The sofa is where your friends will laugh over memories, your family will huddle together to watch a film and, most importantly, where you will unwind at the end of each day, so choose the right sofa for you from our vast collection.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Flood your living room with light with a designer ceiling light from our impressive range. Whether it's the early hours of the morning or late into the night, a ceiling light will keep your living room a warm and inviting space.



Elevate your living room with a sparkling chandelier that reflects light and makes it dance across the walls in your home. Ornate and stunning, a chandelier brings warmth and light into your home in a stylish centrepiece hanging from the ceiling.

Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Add small touches to your living room with contemporary wall lights that will add a warm glow to your home when you want to create a cosy atmosphere. Perfect for lighting up displays or creating a mood, a wall light can come in all shapes and styles to match your perfect decor.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Light up a corner of your living room a tall standing floor lamp, that will create a warm glow when the sun has gone down. Cosy up under the umbrella of the light and read late into the night in your inviting and calming space.

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