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Baobab Candles

UBER Interiors are a selected UK retailer for luxurious Baobab candles and accessories. Baobab have made the most exceptional handmade candles since 2002. On the edge of the Côte d'Azur in Grasse region, Baobab create their renowned masterpieces. Known as the ‘capital of fragrance’ the brands reputation for excellence is at the heart of everything they do.

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Why Choose Baobab Candles?

The candles scent has a base note that has strong cedar sandalwood overtones combined with individual and exotic tones to give exceptional longevity of aroma. The high quality of mineral and non-oily wax is the most superior quality and purity available which burns through a combination of fine Egyptian cotton wicks, allowing no trace of wax on the glass.

Signature Scent
Baobab combine cedar and sandalwood base notes with luxurious essential oils to create unique and long-lasting aromas. Designed by expert perfumers in the Grasse region of France, the layers of fragrance mimic those of an exceptional perfume. Both masculine and delicate, the sophisticated notes of cologne, citrus and floral combine to form Baobab’s signature scent.

The Electrum Range
Capturing the essence of ancient Egypt, the Electrum range of candles are inspired by the majestic pyramids of Giza – Kheops, Kephren and Mykerinos. Light the candles and escape the every day with heady scents of polished leather, bergamot, cologne and oakmoss. Hand-poured into encased glass holders, the candles are presented in two on-trend metallic colourways.

Perfuming their surroundings for up to four hundred hours, the maxi-max size Baobab candles are the ultimate luxury home accessory. Decorate a coffee table, sideboard or base of a faux fireplace with these statement candles and indulge in the layers of fragrance.